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Willie The Philosopher - “Thou Shall Not Kill”

Willie The Philosopher is the mastermind penman of “Thou Shall Not Kill,” a cinematic illustration of some of our world’s hardships.

He introduces the arrangement with a deliberate hand, unveiling the story like the opening scenes of a movie. A trap beat sits at the center of the track, laying a foundation for the song to build. It’s bright and brassy, all sharp hi-hats and pointed claps. Then, deep in the trenches of the soundscape, a resonant bass adds a second layer of depth. These sounds perfectly contrast – one giving us an articulate, edged sound while the other cushions the arrangement with softness.

“Living in a world that’s cold-hearted – selflessness, ambitious are the exotic.”

Something unique about “Thou Shall Not Kill” is the non-musical or artfully out-of-place effects that decorate the track. Willie The Philosopher cleverly places samples of police sirens and explosions throughout the song, utilizing them to highlight moments of high stakes and hardship. Additionally, he weaves in choral background vocals that, if isolated, would be fit for a church service, but within the context of “Thou Shall Not Kill,” are ominous and forewarning. The haunting arc of their voices sits starkly against the crisp drum beat and Willie The Philosopher’s razor-sharp vocal delivery.

“We’re living in the matrix, let me give you an example: this life is what you make it.”

Completed by the narrative lyrics that describe and give advice for the adversities in life, “Thou Shall Not Kill” is a passionate rap song.


About Willie The Philosopher

Willie is originally from Boston, Massachusetts (now based in Atlanta) and is a spiritually gifted Man of God and motivational speaker. He's a Minister and CEO/Founder of the Strong Roots Youth Foundation.

His music career has spanned over 30 years. Rev. Willie has a Master's degree in Theology / Urban-Community-Leadership from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, a BS in Psychology from UMass-Boston, a BS in Business Administration from Kaplan University, and an AS in Accounting from Newbury College.

Rev. Willie is the author of three books; The Last Chapter- (If I Can Change, You Can Change), Willie J the Jack of All Trades, and Walk It Like You Talk It (The Lord's Way).

He is dedicated to helping turn the lives of youth and young adults around to become model citizens. He talks children, teens, and young adults out of a negative way of life to save them from a life of self-destruction. Rev. Willie is a motivational speaker teaching people how to overcome obstacles in their path and improve their quality of life.


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