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Victor Alexeeff - "Moonlight Sonata"

Review by Dylan Lloyd

What if classical composers made music today with the sounds and tools available to create modern music? What would their music sound like? Victor Alexeeff answers these questions and breathes new life into the Beethoven classic "Moonlight Sonata." This version is immensely massive in the soundscape and is a refreshing take on the traditional ways "Moonlight Sonata" is often performed.

The keyboard, synthesizer, and choir elements all provide a cold and, at times, ominous feeling that evolves into beautiful moments throughout the entire journey that Victor Alexeeff takes the listener on during this piece. The low rumbling bass that comes in at strategic points helps augment this song's vast sound. Having a background in creating scores for film and television, it is no surprise that this version of "Moonlight Sonata" sounds like it would be right at home as a part of a score for a film.

This song's overall sound is smooth and flowing, making it a very enjoyable listen. The extensive electronic and synthesized symphonic approach to the performance and production of this version of "Moonlight Sonata" invites listeners from all kinds of different musical genre backgrounds. This song and other modern interpretations of classical songs can be found on Victor Alexeeff's recently released album entitled "Classics Unleashed."


About Victor Alexeeff

Victor Alexeeff is a prodigy who began studying piano at age four and attended the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, beginning at age seven. Although renowned for his performances of Chopin and Prokofiev, his musical interests are eclectic. Besides working as a concert pianist and session player, he composes scores for film and television, produces original albums, and performs with experimental music groups and rock bands.



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