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Vargen – Mindy Morning

Review by Nico Low & Staff

Vargen’s “Mindy Morning” is a wistful contemplative throwback that took me on a journey. The smooth vocals are supported so well by lush layers of guitar and a grounding back beat. There’s a certain nostalgia that this song fills me with while still feeling fresh. The opening melodic riff, played on a Minimoog, stands out as a unique choice of instrument that works really well to connect me to the tone of the piece. The Moog solo has such a silky and pleasing layering- I found myself putting the song on repeat just to hear it again!

The vocals felt so natural and sold me on the abstract imagery of the song. The song is about a woman who is a free spirit.

“Mindy morning, it’s a bed at dawn. It’s a Mindy callin', I know she's never alone.”

The girl in question, Mindy, feels like home, but also unobtainable. She’s such a distinct character in my mind, the song really brings up a vivid image of her.

"Mindy was a fire-eater, did her flicflac and then blow. I know I just gotta meet her, I wonder if she still got that glow”

The hook of “Mindy morning” is so unique and feels like a calming motif in the song even though the idea of Mindy sets

"The air’s a-tremblin’,"

"Mindy Morning" has me listening over and over for little details in the guitar arrangement and the great vocal performance. The artistic nuance and attention to detail are very admirable. The drum sounds were perfectly tailored for this style and its complimented well by the choice of reverb. Performed by Reine Johansson on vocals, Dag Hallberg on Minimoog, keys, Per Bengtsson on electric guitar; Andreas Alm on acoustic guitar; Christian Kullberg on bass, and Klas Assarsson on the drums, the catchy melody, the imagery, and the feelings this song expresses will keep you coming back to the timeless music of Vargen!


About Vargen

Vargen (translates as "The Wolf") is the stage and recording name of Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson. His albums of Bob Dylan translations and covers & Think Twice) - Bob Dylan in Swedish (2019) and Love/Leave (2020) both received very positive reviews in the Indie press and the Dylan community.

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