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TL Jones - 'You'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“You” is a trippy, washy, and smooth song that is a wonderful mix of hip-hop and R&B. The wavy synth sounds and the languid vocals come together to create something that is laid back yet also powerful. TL Jones summons such a commanding presence in her music and her confidence is infectious. She has created a unique track that is all about appreciation and love, something we all need more of in our lives.

Lyrically, TL Jones is summoning a genuine gesture of unconditional love. It’s a strong dedication to the one who you love, and most importantly the one who equally loves you back. There is a really interesting back and forth created between the verses’ and chorus’. In the verses she is listing what she wants and what she needs. Her lyrics are so smooth and sensual, and they are incredibly vivid. “I want you, to be patient, take it slow no need to go fast, let me cater, to you, I’m all yours anything that you ask, will come true, you know what spots of mine to rub”. In the chorus is where she really doesn’t hold back and writes expressively. “The way I feel is so sublime, and baby it’s because…you’re the one I love, forever it’s true”.

The collection of sounds is perfectly assembled and all vibe together with TL Jones unique vocal stylings. The heart of the backing track comes from the twisty synth motif that repeats throughout the whole song. It breathes a sensual tenderness to the song, reinforcing TL Jones passionate and suggestive lyrics. The electronic percussion is so tight and creates a heavy but low-key rhythmic back drop.

TL Jones, as expected, switches effortlessly between more rhythmic style singing and more elongated style singing, and it really works well to create a lot of variety in the song. Her singing style is so warm and vibrant, you really believe the words she’s singing to you. “You” is a delightfully laid-back R&B jam that will inspire the passion for love deep within you. Follow on Instagram

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About TL Jones It all started with a book. After writing her first book and being published by a publisher she was over the moon. During her time as an author she was invited to multiple events. It was during these events that she started to connect with Artist and offer her services as a songwriter and manager. She was very successful in both capacities, so much so that she submitted music to a major label to be considered as a songwriter. She was denied saying that none of the songs that she submitted was a hit. Determined to prove them wrong, TL Jones then became an artist. To her surprise, she was welcomes with big arms. TL Jones is a single mother who writes all of her music as well as music for others. She has published four books and has over twenty five songs she has released in just a little under three years. She also been a co-host of talk shows, has had her own talk show at one point, and writes a blog. TL Jones is what you call a jack of all spades. There is nothing that she cannot do. For more information about TL Jones, please visit her website.


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