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Tia McGraff - 'What if'

Review by Pat Joseph & Staff

“What if” is a powerful musical statement. Driving rhythms and passionate vocal melodies combine to create a song that is simultaneously catchy and moving. The emotional tone of the song is serious and contemplative. McGraff shines on this track, remaining steady and reserved during verses, and delivering a shot of pure energy during choruses. Listeners will love the dynamic peaks of the song, perfectly catching the wave established by pensive verses.

Lyrically, “What if” poses rhetorical questions that will have you reflecting on your own life. “What if it’s you who’s willing to walk us out of the dessert again, What if it’s me who leads the tired and thirsty into the green of the rain.” The strength in delivery of these lyrics give them a deep significance. “Back to the time where no one else mattered, Truth took a beating left broken and battered.” This song has a feeling of resilience, inspiring a positive outlook for the future with one pointed question: “What If.”

“What if” executes classic arrangement techniques with a fresh sound. Drums, acoustic guitar and percussion tracks are layered together nicely to achieve forward momentum. An expressive fretless bass track provides motion underneath the harmonic structure. Processed chordal instruments create an airy, almost heavenly quality. A syncopated piano melody adds depth and intensity to choruses. McGraff’s passionate vocals soar over this song. Reminiscent of the wonderful sounds of 90's indie pop, this is a courageous song with a clear point of view. “What if” is an absolute winner.

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About Tia McGraff

With nine international CD releases, various film/tv placements, and numerous nominations and awards (including Americana CD of the Year, first-round nomination for 2018/2016 Grammy Awards, 2019 multi- nominee for Kingdom Image Awards, and Posi Award finalist, 2019 ISSA award for single of the year, as well multiple Best Of lists) TiaMcGraff has earned a respect in the music industry and a global fan base. The duo (Tia Plays with her partner Tommy Parham) has a gift for ‘getting to the heart of the matter’ and writing relatable songs about life, love, and this crazy world we live in.

Tia’s 2018 album release of “Stubborn In My Blood” and the first single “Let ‘Em See Your Strong” (co-written by TiaMcGraff, Devon O’Day, and Tommy Parham) led to stellar reviews, nominations, and positioning on numerous 2018 Best Of lists, reaching beyond all demographics and boundaries, adopted by “Me2” and women’s empowerment groups and embraced by radio communities around the world!

For more information on Tia McGraff, please visit her website.


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