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The Writeful Heirs - 'Jupiter in July'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Jupiter in July” is a work of art with layers and heart. The optimistic feel of the music is tinted with emotional depth and a wonderfully expressive musical tapestry.

The use of organ and pedal steel adds a lovely sonic dimension while the drums and bass create a dynamic groove. The contrasting sections of this song fit together in the most satisfying way. Eclectic influences are on full display and result in a one-of-a-kind song.

Lyrically, “Jupiter in July” is a poetic love story. “Just like the fourth of July she took my hand cried I remember you.” The earnest nature of the vocal delivery injects these lyrics with additional significance. Open ended statements allow listeners to go on an internal journey. “Underneath the naked stars, you took Jupiter and Mars, all the shallow to the deep.” The vibe of this song is undeniable.

The arrangement of “Jupiter in July” is fantastic. The band is on fire, transitioning between widely varied musical sections with grace. The layering of guitar, pedal steel and organ creates a rich harmony which supports and elevates the vocals. Vocal performances are stellar, and listeners will love the male-female harmony of the chorus. Expressive performances and courageously unique songwriting result in a home-run for this engaging piece of music.

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About The Writeful Heirs

The first date conversation: No other form of communication brings together the same mix of anticipation, dread, embarrassment, skepticism and – if things aren’t a total disaster – sense of expectation. And while that last word can mean very different things to each party, it’s safe to say that very few first date words end up sparking a musical partnership like the Writeful Heirs (Sunny Barretto and John Montalto).

As Sunny and John got to know one another, exchanging song ideas became another way to communicate. Because they hadn’t set out to be co-writers, “our process developed naturally, organically,” Montalto says. “She’d send me lyrics, or I’d send her music, and we’d go from there. It took a while before we realized we had enough good material to put an album together.”

After recording some bare-bones home demos, the pair realized that they wanted a producer to help bring the material to its full potential. On the recommendation of Montalto’s Club Iguana bandmate, Alan Walker, they tapped Lincoln Schleifer of the Bronx-based studio Lincoln’s Log Cabin.

The duo wanted to show that they could write songs that didn’t all sound the same, so the project can be loosely described as Americana (The American Dream), with classic rock (Been Sleeping), psychedelic (Jupiter in July), 80’s and alternative rock (Souvenirs) influences.

For more information on The Writeful Heirs, please visit their website.


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