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The Al Ur Pal Project and The Asidors - 'My Honey (Her Drips)'

Review by Abby Kenna

“My Honey (Her Drips)” sets the scene with a sensual array of instrumentals that make up the song’s arrangement. Layers of synths ring out, glossy and viscous as they echo around the soundscape. Crisp and locked into the groove, the drums add an element of brightness to the smooth synth parts. The electric bass line incorporates the best of both worlds, plucking out a rhythmic melody through a sultry, rounded sound. Built around each other, these instrumental parts are perfectly contrasting, giving The Al Ur Pal Project and The Asidors a funky foundation to craft the song on.

“Since we’ve been together, my love has been rearranged…”

The vocals are another stand-out aspect of “My Honey (Her Drips)”. Vibrantly traversing stacks of rich harmonies, background vocals fill the corners of the track with vivid sound. They have an element of Motown delight to them, singing in such a way that you can almost hear their smiles. With such a romance-driven song, The Asidors are clever to embrace this brightness.

The lead vocals additionally contribute to the warmth of “My Honey (Her Drips)”. The vocalist sings with ease, almost as if they plucked their melodies out of the air just before they were sung. Listening to her serenade us listeners is a treat. You can close your eyes and let her voice lead you through the story.

“You’ve got me honey, baby / Now life is too sweet…”

In the chorus, the lead vocals remain at the forefront of the mix itself, but take a step back in terms of arrangement, letting the background vocals cover the bulk of the plot movement and lyrics. Meanwhile, the lead vocalist embraces the emotion of the “My Honey” and ventures on an improvisational journey of R&B runs. It feels reminiscent of singers like Mariah Carey – simultaneously full-bodied and light, like a breeze.

The Al Ur Pal Project and The Asidors have put together a true ear worm with “My Honey (Her Drips)”, sure to hook listeners on the funky groove, romantic lyrics, and sultry vocals.


About The AI Ur Pal Project Al Wordlaw was born Alvin in Chicago. He listened very attentively to music just for comfort and peace in his early years and developed a good ear for melodic sounds. He enjoyed the music of the Motor City that was predominately the “Motown Sound” out of Detroit, Michigan. Today, he continues to write and produce songs on various artists. Al is accomplished in a variety of genres from R&B, Pop, Gospel to Jazz and more. His artistry is a project of the universe that all people can benefit from. Through music, he shares love, inspiration, wisdom and more. Don't miss the opportunity to check out his work on Bandcamp.


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