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Tallie - 'Story'

Written Review by Victoria Scott

Tallie Gabriel’s music is warm, intimate, and vulnerable —reflecting how she prefers her heart. Her poetic lyrics and thoughtful storytelling combined with her lilting voice have drawn comparisons to the likes of Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sufjan Stevens. She draws inspiration from a variety of indie singer-songwriter and folk predecessors, as well as incorporating the influence of the trad Irish, Bal-musette, and classical motifs that attracted her to the cello and music composition when she was younger. Gabriel is 1/4 of the folk group Cardboard Rocketship. Her song "Story" is the perfect introduction to Tallie's talent.

A warm cello introduces soft, dreamy vocals in Tallie Gabriel's, "Story", a song that creatively portrays the complexities of falling in love. As the first verse starts, the cello moves into playful plucking along with a sweet and sparse piano melody. The song's melodic lines elegantly flow above the composition. There's a nice sway to the tune that feels like a warm breeze against Tallie's whimsical and enchanting vocals.

A dynamic bridge section introduces an instrumental interlude. In this segment, the cello is more vigorous and the piano picks up with arpeggiated chords that move the song progressively until it calms down again for a brief return to the chorus and the outro. Throughout, the arrangement is magical.

"Story" is an introspective love ballad set to a delectable melody with emotional depictions of falling in love. Love can be uncertain, complex, and intense. One never knows love's ending and can only hope in it's promise. Tallie's soothing vocals tell a heartfelt story about the fear and hope of falling in love as she sings the chorus beautifully:

“I want to love you. So, maybe I’ll try, but if I can’t love you. I’m scared I won’t understand why.

All birdsong and sunbeams, how you make me feel, but it’s fine and playful, Until someone means it for real."

Tallie Gabriel is an enchanting, extraordinary, and excellent artist. "Story" is warm and heartfelt; it will melt away your fear of falling in love with it's honest lyrics and gentle approach. Tallie is a unique, unconventional, and unforgettable artist.

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