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T Hawk - 'Life's A Breeze'

Review by Vai Thomas & Staff

The evolution of hip hop spans decades, from the Bronx in the 1970s to the present. It encapsulates musical history, beat-making, socio-economic influences on lyrical themes, and the fusion of various genres with hip-hop. Contemporary R&B, in particular, seems poised to endure. The onus lies on artists to uphold the genre, showcasing musicality, genre fusion, and an exploration of life's basic aspects. And

Jersey-based T Hawk has risen to this challenge with her latest track, 'Life’s A Breeze.' Crafted in the key of C# minor, the song seamlessly blends hip-hop/rap and contemporary R&B, focusing on the simple theme of enjoying life to the fullest. The introductory minor seventh chords create an immediate sense of breeziness. T Hawk's versatile delivery, swinging between airy soulfulness and resolute determination, drives the song with consistent triplet-infused lyrical themes. 'Life’s A Breeze' follows a traditional verse-chorus format, with lyrics that celebrate living life on one's terms, free from external judgments. T Hawk maintains a refreshing flow of unfiltered thoughts without resorting to expletives, reminiscent of the best traits of classics like NWA’s 'Express Yourself.' The instrumental arrangement and production seamlessly integrate into the overall composition. The bass serves as a sturdy backbone, allowing the synths and drums to weave in and out freely. The title of the song comes to life through this dynamic interplay, capturing the essence of the genre. The vocal mixing and mastering processes demonstrate precision, with a glossy EQ enhancing both main and backing harmonies. Spacey reverbs applied to vocals and synths provide individual spaces for each element to shine while harmoniously blending with one another.

With a duration of two minutes and forty-nine seconds, 'Life’s A Breeze' is a captivating experience. Its breezy theme, meticulous production, and relatable lyrics make it worth the listener’s time, inviting repeated plays. The song's universal appeal transcends age, creating a connection with listeners across generations. Connect with T Hawk on his official website:

Listen to T Hawk on Spotify or Soundcloud:

About T Hawk

T Hawk is an Indie Gospel Hip Hop artist hailing from Irvington, NJ, with a diverse musical catalog that encompasses Hip Hop, Gospel, and R&B. With a passion for creating, performing, and writing music, T Hawk aims to reach audiences of all ages and nationalities, spreading the joy of life and uplifting the name of GOD.


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