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Sylvie's Songs Feat. Bryon Harris - 'One Love Changes Everything'

Review by Vai Thomas

More often than not, in the 21st century, it has become exceedingly unusual to create a strictly non-alternative pop song with minimal instrumentation – particularly one that primarily consists of acoustic instruments. Imagine, for a moment, that the listener comes across such a song, regardless of the era. The adjectives that would likely come to the listener's mind would be along the lines of 'soulful,' 'charming,' and 'beautiful.' Now, under what circumstances would the adjective 'stirring' occur to the listener? It would occur when the song in question possesses an arrangement that is well-rounded by near-virtuosic and masterful performances of the vocals and instruments, alongside a deeply thought-provoking lyrical theme that challenges one's perspective. These qualities, and more, are observed in Sylvie Abate's newest single, titled 'One Love Changes Everything,'

In the key of F major, 'One Love Changes Everything' is a blend of a ballad, a spiritual piece, and rock, skillfully amalgamated so that it never sounds alternative to the ear. Themed around the range of joyful contemplation that arises when one becomes a parent for the first time, the song, composed by Abate, a gold-medal-winning songwriter at the Global Music Awards, features an instrumental arrangement consisting of piano, guitars, bass, and drums, flawlessly fused through their exceptional renditions, from the opening piano chords to the guitar solo.

The lyrics themselves are crafted in a way that, despite their personal and inspiring nature, could be applicable to various situations beyond the parent-child relationship. With the very first line, 'I'm changing, rearranging, making a space for you,' the tone is immediately set for a deeply emotional and captivating piece. Vocalist Bryon Harris, whose vocals evoke the essence of Tim McGraw, leads the song marvelously with his breathy timbre infused with a tender quality that enhances the emotional depth of the composition. Bryon does an outstanding job of delivering relatable and sincere vocals without sounding overly flashy, and the harmonies and vocal counterpoint appear at precisely the right moments. Moreover, the song showcases abundant creativity.

Towards the end, the lyrics of 'Amazing Grace' make an appearance, skillfully adapted into the main melody—an intimately personal touch that works splendidly on this occasion. The transition from indie pop to spiritual is seamless, thanks once again to Abate's adept arrangement and songwriting, both of which complement each other perfectly. Credit must also be given to the mix engineering, which contributes to the seamless transition from acoustic pop to indie rock to spiritual.

Clocking in at a duration of three minutes and forty-eight seconds, 'One Love Changes Everything' is a stirring tribute to the purest form of love and a valuable and versatile addition to the pop and rock genres. It would not be surprising if the listener feels an overwhelming desire to embrace their parent or child after listening to this song. "One Love Changes Everything" is scheduled for release on May 30th along with a lyric video.


About Sylvie Abate Based in the music capital of the U.S., Austin, Texas, and the Connecticut shoreline, Sylvie is a 2022 & 2019 Global Music Awards Gold & Silver Medal Winner for Best Lyrics, Best Songwriter, and Best Alt Folk Song. She is an accomplished songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist who writes, arranges, and produces original music influenced by Americana, blues, classical, folk, and country. Sylvie plays classical guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, and banjo.


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