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Sylvie Abate aka Sylvie's Songs Feat. Jessie West - 'End of the Line'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“End of The Line” is an absolutely killer americana song with swagger and sass. The songwriting of Sylvie Abate is expert, the vocal delivery of Jessie West is intense, and the instrumental playing is top notch. There are so many things to like about this song that it actually becomes intoxicating. West gifts us with a show-stopping vocal performance, embellishing and dancing around melodies with an effortless believability. Produced by Abate, the dynamic swells are phenomenal and the vibe is spot on. Roots music with an edge.

Lyrically, “End of the Line” tells a relatable story of a love being pushed to the breaking point. The half mournful, half bitter lyrics contain a palpable tension which matches the musical style fantastically. “Oh you push me away then you beg me to stay, well I guess I should feel like a fool, but I just feel sorry for you.” West is raw and honest with her indictments. “You took it too far this time, you stepped right over the line…you’re gonna miss this sweet love of mine.”

Guitar melodies and fills play the perfect counterpoint to West’s engaging vocal style. The loose-feeling choruses are cathartic, like finally getting something off your chest. The verses are intricately crafted, with vocal harmonies and instrumental fills ornamenting the music. The rhythm section really drives without overpowering the song. The energy on this track is phenomenal, always “together” but with the feeling of coming apart at the seams. “End of the Line” is an extremely engaging and well made piece of music.


About Sylvie's Songs

Sylvie Abate is a 2022 & 2019 Global Music Awards Gold & Silver Medal Winner for Best Lyrics, Best Songwriter, and Best Alt Folk Song. She is an accomplished songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist who writes, arranges and produces original music influenced by Americana, blues, classical, folk, and pop. Sylvie plays classical guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, and banjo. Sylvie owns and operates Sylvie's Music Studio and enjoys teaching online guitar lessons to students all over the world.

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