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Sydeajah - 'On My Way Back Home'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“On My Way Back Home” is a smooth and exciting track with tons of swagger and sensual energy. The beat bangs and the vocals are coolly-delivered in a way that will make you fly away with the music. Sydeajah will lull listeners into a trance with her excellent vocal expressions while Gorganus will hype you up with a great hip hop verse. This music drives and never lets its foot off the gas. You’ll be bouncing up and down listening to “On My Way Back Home.”

Lyrically, “On My Way Back Home” is a love song to the nation of St Croix . Sydeajah’s delivery is perfect as she precisely expresses the message of the music. “Back home..wanna see my fam back home.” Her passion for her homeland is tangible in these lyrics. “Ocean breeze on my skin so nice, Croixian rum got me feelin’ right…you can call this a paradise.” You’ll be booking your tickets to St Croix before the song is over.

The arrangement of “On My Way Back Home” exhibits subtle genius and mastery over the style. The bass is huge and the beat is relentless. The vocals sit in the mix perfectly. You will be hooked from the opening notes.

An unbelievably catchy chorus and a slick backing track combine to make “On My Way Back Home” undeniable. This is the perfect summer jam…add it to your playlist right now!


About Sydeajah

Sydeajah is a R&B/Pop artist from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. She is also a songwriter, model, and actress who has fallen in love with music and performing since she was very young and sang in a Calypso contest on her home island, St. Croix, USVI in 2007. She continued to perform throughout her years attending Davidson Fine Arts. Sydeajah gained more interest in singing and dancing as well as acting while taking such Fine art classes and getting to perform her talents at school and on stage. In August 2020, Sydeajah met her manager, JoJo Williams, and was later signed to JusJo Records. Sydeajah and JoJo began writing her singles and meeting other writers and producers from the east coast to the west to work on her next project. In October 2021, Sydeajah has released music projects such as her album “Diary of Sydeajah” and her Christmas EP “Sydeajah’s 25th of December” along with singles like "Bottom on That Beat" that are on all music platforms, worldwide. She was selected for the WNIR’s “2021 Best Holiday Songs” with the songs '25th of December' and 'Dance With Me (On This Christmas)' from her Christmas EP. Singing was something that Sydeajah always loved doing and knew she was good at, as she was always told that she was vocally talented. Now she is living her dream where she is not only singing, but acting on stage as well. Sydeajah had taken interest in theater since she saw her first Broadway show “The Phantom of the Opera.” Since then, she has been inspired by the conviction of emotion and the ability to move people on stage. Sydeajah began engaging in musical theater in school at Davidson Fine Arts, where she was in the productions “Tempest” as well as “West Side Story.” Now she plays “Grace” in Mr. Mouse & the Rat Pack, a Southern Broadway show. In this year of 2022, Sydeajah is on the move with both her music and acting as she has been releasing singles such as "On My Way Back Home" and "Invisible" while working towards releasing a new EP as well as traveling and performing on stage with her music and the musical play. For more information about Sydeajah, please visit her website.


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