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Starla Starshine - 'Only Love'

Orange country native, Megan Bennett (aka. Starla Starshine), showed musical prowess long before she could legally drive. Described as a modern day hippy with a rebellious spirit, she's taken all of that and poured into her music. Penning her first song at the young age of 13, Her first single took off in the U.S., England and Japan. In addition to music, she is a children's mental health awareness and epilepsy advocate. Currently, she has a new single, "Only Love", a musical reminder that one is never alone and has been described as the new "'Give Peace A Chance' for the millennial generation."

"Only Love" commences with densely haunting electronic ambient sounds. Commencing in a lower, mysterious register, the ambient chords jump to a higher register before the song bursts open with a steady drum beat and fuzzy walking bass line. As the song continues, the percussion picks up creating an upbeat and vibrant track that you can fully get into, body and mind.

Starla's vocal performance takes center stage as she opens the first verse, "Heard of a place where lovers dream It don’t matter what race, only love no hate Our bodies all bleed Our hearts all ache Our bones all break We are all the same." Starla is a powerhouse vocalist who projects a confident and captivating performance. Clearly passionate about her song's subject matter of love over hate, Starla exudes heartfelt expression from beginning to end.

"Only Love" is a song that addresses the wrongness of prejudice in all it's unfortunate iterations. Starla passionately sings about equality, mental health, suicide prevention, gay and Trans rights. In the catchy and bold chorus, Starla sings about the pain and agony that discrimation causes on both a human and spritual level:

"God weeps for the war in the streets Angels screaming in agony God weeps for the war in the streets Angels screaming in agony Only love and no hate Who are we to discriminate Only love and no hate Who are we to discriminate"

As the songs energetic performance moves forward, Starla breaks into a speaking section where she speaks directly to listeners about the real demons, the people who are here on earth causing hurt to others. In this section, Starla is genuine and authentic. The ending of the song is call for change. "End hate love is great. Like a dove, peace and love. End hate love is great. Like a dove, peace and love."

"Only Love" is the perfect song for our times. With a call to be united in love and a message that we all bleed when the demons of discrimination and prejudice cut us, Starla's song is both poignant and powerful. With an energized electronic production that drives forward, bold and throughtful lyrics, and a powerhouse vocal performance, Starla Starshine's "Only Love" radiates with love, peace, and empathy. "Only Love" is a social justice song for our times.

"Only Love" is available for free download.

Visit Starla Starshine on Bandcamp.

For more information on Starla Starshine, visit her website.


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