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SnapDibz - 'Giving'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Giving” is a powerful artistic expression and a beautiful love letter from a parent to his children. The backing track is a perfect combination of driving rhythms and introspective harmonies. SnapDibz shines on this track, with in-the-pocket vocal rhythms and effortless rhymes.

The music seems to flow very naturally and listeners will love the overall vibe of the track.

An undeniable chorus ties this one together and makes it a home run.

Lyrically, “Giving” tells the timeless tale of parental love. “I remember when you came into the world baby girl, A ray of light that brightened up the winter night and all it’s cold.” The lyrics also wonderfully express true internal stress before a major life event. “Mostly in the form of love but I admit some apprehension. I just hope I teach you right and lift you up into ascension.” The tone of the music matches these sentiments beautifully and shines them in an attractive light.

The arrangement of “Giving” is fantastic. An expertly delivered chorus is concise and effective. Verses are tight and well-conceived. The backing track is perfect for the vibe of this song, and all musical elements seem to converge to support each other and elevate the message. Emotional and relatable, this is the type of song that gives fans a true picture of the artist, and this paints a pretty picture. “Giving” is a banger and an emotional ride all in one. Well done.

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About SnapDibz SnapDibz is an independent American born Indian rapper based near Chicago, IL. With in-depth lyrics, unique flows on top of pounding beats, SnapDibz is making a name in the pop and hip-hop realms. HIs recent work includes the current project with the pop sensation Rey Khan with multiple hits including "Rivals," "Backwards in My Head," and "On My Mind."


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