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Sharon Rae North - "We Should Be in Love (Silhouette)"

Review by Dylan Lloyd

"We Should Be in Love (Silhouette)" by Sharon Rae North is a smooth modern contemporary jazz song that soothes the ears of any listener. The groove provided by the tight drums, shimmery and dark cymbals, bass that fills up the low-end, piano and keyboard elements sprinkled throughout, and the beautiful acoustic guitar work on this track all works together so effortlessly in creating the rich sound on this recording. The silky smooth vocal performance by Sharon Rae North on "We Should Be in Love (Silhouette)" is both comforting and intensely passionate.

The lyrics of "We Should Be in Love (Silhouette)" tell a mysterious love story involving a man who may be real or a fantasy. Singing, "You are my fantasy... If we were in love, all of my dreams would become real"

Sharon evokes passion in every line.

"Tell you you're all I want, you're everything I need...

Counting the hours 'til I see you, the pleasures night will bring...

You would have all of me, you know just how I feel."

The velvety and graceful vocal performance on this song pairs perfectly with the lyrics of desire.

Sharon Rae North's new song "We Should Be in Love (Silhouette)" is a calming contemporary jazz love song full of mystery, passion, and yearning. Sonically, this is a well-crafted production that is an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish. Each instrumental element in this song is so clearly recorded, creating a warm and encapsulating auditory experience. Check out the single "We Should Be in Love (Silhouette)" and be on the lookout for Sharon Rae North's upcoming album "Silhouette," which is scheduled for release in mid-August of this year.


About Sharon North

For national Billboard charting artist Sharon Rae North it’s all about the tone, phrasing, articulation and interpretation of a lyric. Her audiences and fans can tell. She is a masterful manipulator when it comes to her voice, making it go whenever and wherever she wants it to go. She has enthralled and captivated audiences throughout the United States and internationally with her vocal style and subtle confidence and her combination of seriousness and playfulness during shows. In summer 2022, on the heels of several EP projects, she will release her first 10-song album ‘Silhouette’, recorded with super producers, Grammy nominated Chris “Big Dog” Davis and two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown. The project got underway in 2019, pre-pandemic, with the release of the Billboard charting single Moments, featuring saxophonist Marion Meadows. Sessions resumed virtually in 2021 and continued throughout COVID 19. The single ‘We Should be in Love (Silhouette)’ released in January 2022, ‘Heart of Mine’ releases in August, shortly before the album release weeks later.

“Sharon is unassuming and her smooth, silky voice spins a web that captures you and makes you listen. Pure bliss!" - The Genie, Bola Sonola, Smooth 98.1, Lagos, Nigeria

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