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Shallon Tore' - 'The Gift'

Review by Abby Kenna

Shallon Tore’s recent holiday release, “The Gift”, is an uplifting take on holiday appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas. The song is performed by Shallon Tore' and was mixed and mastered by studio engineer, Miklos Malek.

"The Gift" is a refreshing mix of styles, living in a pop space while still incorporating familiar elements of holiday classics. An example of this dichotomy would be the twinkling jingle bells that chime over the energetic drum beat on an acoustic kit. Or, the modern, chromatic chord progression that complements the grand piano motif. This duality of styles allows “The Gift” to be especially accessible to audiences – while younger folks may enjoy the Ariana Grande-adjacent vocals, others may be more drawn to the jazzy chords in the background.

“It’s that time of the year, to buy so many things / But when I think about what Christmas really means, gotta tell you ‘bout the gift I know…”

And what or who is the gift?! Listen to the song to find out!

Shallon Tore' is especially clever with the production of the instruments in “The Gift”, carefully arranging them to support her vocals. Rather than a full-bodied band in every section, Tore' layers her composition deliberately. The acoustic bass plods along cheerfully at the foundation of the arrangement, providing stability at the base of the track but not completely filling the space. Similarly, the piano rings out in the high end of the soundscape with soft, open chords, careful not to overpower the other instruments. By intentionally leaving space in the mid-range of her arrangement, Shallon Tore ensures that her vocals are both supported and shining at the center of the song.

This way, her heartfelt lyrics can be heard and appreciated:

“Come as you are, nothing less, nothing more… just open your heart’s door.”

Refreshingly modern, yet full of nostalgic holiday sounds, Shallon Tore' is revolutionizing Christmas tunes. The faithful, uplifting nature of the lyrics and catchy pop production will keep listeners playing “The Gift” all holiday season.


Shallon Tore' is an independent singer-songwriter from Hawaii. She is currently touring the world performing live in concert. Visit her website for more details and to follow her on social media. She is excited about telling the world about the best gift anyone can get for Christmas, check out her festive holiday song, "The Gift"!


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