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Shallon Tore (feat. Butta) - I Choose (Remix)

Reviewed by Tempestas Ink

Fred Hammond once said, “R&B and gospel music are first cousins, and it’s just a natural thing for me to fuse them together.” And Shallon Tore’s (winner of the international W.A.M. award) contemporary Christian offering ‘I Choose’, masterfully produced by Miklos Malek, is yet further evidence to Hammond’s statement about R&B and gospel music naturally complementing each other, with its pristine incorporation of hip hop, rap, and soul elements.

Written at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the song – written in the key of E major - is themed upon having to choose the right thing, and to have faith, despite the anxiety and worry. And the genre in which it has been written and produced does full justice to these crucial concepts on the whole, as it has on many a previous occasion. The production is minimalistic and hits the mark straightaway and peaks at the right moments – with the catchy synth bass being an effective backbone in general with its appearance at all the proper junctures. But it is the soulful rendition of Shallon Tore that makes this song a runaway winner. A gifted and versatile vocalist, Tore shows her rapping prowess right at the very beginning, with nothing but your basic kick and snare, and a couple of subdued synth tracks, before divulging back into melodic terrain with “So much is happening so fast, I feel knocked down…”. And the connection with the listener is effectively consolidated. The solemnity and attention-retaining capacity of the chorus is another standout feature of ‘I Choose’. With backing vocals and the synths all rising to the occasion magnificently, the listener is more than likely to feel uplifted into worship and praise. And Butta’s rap cameo provides another richness to the song in terms of transitioning it to the next level with the key change in the final chorus.

‘I Choose’ is one mighty number that is bound to stay with you long after you’ve stopped listening. Yolanda Adams once said, “I believe that R&B and gospel music can be used as a tool to inspire and uplift people, and bring them closer to God”. And Shallon Tore has proved her right.


About Shallon Tore Shallon Tore’ (a.k.a “The Singing Doctor”) is an American urban contemporary gospel singer/songwriter, and a board-certified pediatrician. In 2014, she embraced her call to share the love of Jesus through music that is celebrated internationally. She released her first album, “Far Above” in December 2020 through her private label Shallon Toré Music. Her producer, Miklos Malek, has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Faith Evans and Ariana Grande. "I love to share God-inspired lyrics that will point people to God and hopefully they will want more of Him in their lives!"

Shallon Tore' loves to sing music with a pop, soul, R&B, and hip-hop feel that will grab the ear and hearts of her listeners. She is an International W.A.M. Award winner for her single "Glow". She has also had over 250,000 streams of her inspirational single, "I Choose". Her hit collaboration single, "Crazy About God" with Butta The Preacher and Emcee N.I.C.E. peaked at #4 on the Amazon Top 100 Music Chart around the world. "Crazy About God" continues to be an anthem of praise! Her new release, "I Choose (Remix)" featuring Butta The Preacher is expected to touch lives all around the world in Spring 2023! Her music is available on all major platforms and she tours internationally.

If you would like to contact her, please visit her website.


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