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Shaadoh Sessions - 'Ride For You'

By Victoria Scott & Staff

Shaadoh Session has come out with a hot new neo-soul and R & B hit, "Ride For You." One listen, and you will be captivated by this young star in the making.

The intro starts with strong harmonic chords on the piano and a heavy thunderous bass beat as Shaadoh's sultry vocals lay down the first verse. Shaadoh has an impressive and expansive vocal range that compliments her musical brilliance. The background vocals and doubling on the lead vocal line add an electrifying and intense sound. Producer IHayes Beat kills it with heavy bass, trap beat, and a 90's R & B sensibility.

When you put your time, love, and effort into someone who ends up deceiving and betraying you, pain is inevitable. “Ride For You” is about the emotional turmoil of an unfaithful relationship; this is a universal emotional sting that many can relate to. Shaadoh captures the pain with explosive expression that builds lyrically and musically.

“Fuck around with me and you might go missing. I Just took a shot, sorry that I'm tripping. When you're with them bitches do you really know the difference? It's you I'm missing. I put aside my pride for you. Tell me why would I lie to you? Call me crazy, I'd ride for you. Call me crazy I'd ride for you.”

Shaadoh is an innovative songwriter, and her performance in “Ride For You” hits on multiple emotional levels. “Ride For You” has a pulsating sound effect, with a roaring beat track, that yields a fresh modern sound that explodes with raw, honest feeling. Shaadoh's artistry has layers of truth and passion displaying an uncompromised lyricism coupled with a powerful talent that comes from within.

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About Shaadoh Sessions

Shaadoh Session (Pronounced Shadow) presents vocal excellence laid out across a modern R&B soundscape on her new single, “Ride For U.” It is no surprise Shaadoh Session found her way to music. She grew up watching her mother, Candee, handle her own in the music industry in the ‘90s. Shaadoh Session was just eight-years-old when she started to write and sing originals, but it wasn’t until after the birth of her son in 2015 that she began to record the lyrics that had been collected in various notebooks over the years.

Fast forward to March 2019. The mother of one was about to add a daughter to her world and was feeling extremely vulnerable. Right after her daughter came into this world, Shaadoh Session found herself penning her latest single. A song she now dedicates to the one who she found herself deeply in love with that left her with a broken heart. With a heart in shambles, she soon packed her life and kids up and moved to Clearwater, Florida for a change. It proved to be a great call as she was discovered in January 2020 by Risky Bizness Entertainment’s CEO Alfonsa Riley who is now her manager.

With a neo-soul meets alternative R&B vibe, fans of Jhene Aiko and Summer Walker are going to want to embrace Shaadoh Session as their next musical obsession.


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