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Scott & Sabrina - 'Runaway'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Singer-Songwriter duo Scott & Sabrina seamlessly blend pop, country and rock on the feverishly stirring “Runaway.”

Aside from the typical elements of what can be expected of the more modern contemporary country genre, (soulful vocals with a hint of a southern twang, slower tempos, and minor keys) there’s a swagger and a visceral grit injected into this track that makes it exceptional. This becomes immediately apparent as I’m treated to swampy grooves and crunchy guitars.

What can’t be denied however is that “Runaway” is seamless blend of country and rock. No one style seems to overpower the other throughout the entirety of the song and fans of both genres will love this group. For example, the sheer catchiness of a hook like the line “I just wanna run away” points to a refined country-pop sensibility, but they've run through a gritty filter, to great effect, for an extra engaging sound.

At other times, you could look at something like the tradeoff between both male and female vocals during the respective verses and how it calls to mind a more traditional country storytelling approach. Each vocalist shares their own personal perspective on the subject matter of simply wanting to escape the confines of their circumstances. This is personified best in lines like.

“Tired of the same old bars trying to prove who we are. Wishing we were superstars.”


“Sick of all the boos the lies, the phony cries. Fooling me with your disguise."

To me, it all comes together in an impassioned chorus as the two voices blend into a beautiful harmony that results in one of the songs strongest hooks.

A heartfelt cross-over song with strong hooks and storytelling, "Runaway" is a song to run to when you need it. The duo has captured a universal feeling of wanting to escape our daily grind with someone we care about, and the chorus invites us to sing along and leave it all behind with them.


About Scott & Sabrina Scott & Sabrina are an inspiring couple of singers, songwriters, multi-talented musicians, and traveling recording artists that perform unique covers of a variety of genres as well as their fresh original music. Described as “modern country” with some pop, rock, and a little hip hop influence, this duo knows how to rock a crowd! Scott & Sabrina’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, and more.


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