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Rick and Friends- 'Sweet Jackie

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Sweet Jackie” has a classic southern-rock feel and a fresh energy. This music is powerful and complex while still sounding relaxed and joyous. Confident vocals from Rusty Wright drive this song forward while highly intricate instrumental playing creates a beautiful musical nest in which the song can thrive. Harmonized guitar melodies and a precise rhythm section give this song extra vitamins.

Lyrically, “Sweet Jackie” is a pure and true love song.

Dancing in the arms of love , You're the one I'm dreaming of, Sweet Jackie.”

The earnest delivery gives these lyrics an intoxicating quality.

“Shadows of the twilights dawn, Caress the beauty of your song, Passions harbor set ablaze, Answered all my yesterdays.”

The clear, singular lyrical message is enhanced by the directness and conviction of the music.

The arrangement of “Sweet Jackie” demonstrates wisdom and a reverence for the greats of the past. Chords are chosen perfectly to build the song from verse to pre-chorus to hook. The insistence and stability of the rhythm section allows this song to travel wherever it wants to go. Virtuosic and expressive guitar playing is couched perfectly in a groove that doesn’t quit. The vocal performance is engaging and hypnotizing. “Sweet Jackie” is a beautiful song with character and grit.

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Rick and Friends

After years of playing in bands, cover and original, Rick decided to write his own music. He has been lucky to play with some very talented musicians who have contributed their talent to create Rick and Friends' songs.

Each song you hear is drawn from real life experience. I strive to bring the raw and honest story through the passion for music and the emotion of the lyric.


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