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Rice - No Brady Ft. J Muzique

Review by Brandon Watts

“No Brady Ft. J Muzique” is an explosive single from Rice that has been at the forefront of his come-up for the independent artist out of Webster, MA. The record kicks off with an infectious, staccato flute motif accompanied with a deep, fuzzy bass line creating an up-tempo groove that makes your body want to move. The mix is crisp and clean, courtesy of Sinatra Sauce mixing and mastering on the track.

The flute motif drops out and the bass is filtered back as Rice jumps in and begins to hype things up with his forward, intense vocal timbre rapping,

“Yeah yeah yeah, go crazy

yeah yeah yeah I'm wavy

Tryna touch me up wanna taste me

She gonna throw it back No Brady”

As Rice sets the stage, the production on the track keeps building with vocal ad-libs and splices. A simple kick-snare beat gives the beat a bit more structure and allows the main focus to be on his flow and witty bars. Things start to heat up once the arrangement doubles down on the low end with smoother sub-bass in addition to the main fuzzy bass line. This addition creates a new texture in the instrumental arrangement and makes it have a perfect sound to pump up a club.

“Call me Ortiz got you running home to Papi

need a longbow just to ride a tsunami

couple deep strokes got her gripping on my waves couple missed calls got her lurking on my page

we too grown need to act your own age stalking on me like you really my bae”

Ricxe’s energetic flow does well to get you pumped and have you feeling like a boss. J Muzique acts as a dynamic partner as he slightly mimics Rice’s flow but with a much more chill vibe that adds his flair to the record.

“I'm from the Woo now I'm in the A bringing a different style and a whole new flavor

got a b named Britney and she living in Decatur”

“No Brady Ft. J Muzique” definitely has a vibe that is perfect for the party or whenever you want to feel like you are on top.


About Rice

Jerard Rice out of Webster Ma. goes by the name Rice. Co-owner of Hustle Work Grind Records with his brother M-Ezy. Singer, Songwriter, entrepreneur, community activist. Rice's music can be best be described as a message of hope and inspiration, as from the beginning Rice draws his inspiration from his music from his own, hopes and dreams and personal experiences.

Rice's name began circulating more when Rice, sponsored multiple events catering to the independent artist in the Worcester County area. Rice's Discography began in 2018 with songs such as Errbody Put Yo Hands Up, Stay Smokin, Bet on It. Since the launch of his career, there are articles about his last releases such as Big Dreams, Round it up, and the Latest release No Brady, which has gained a lot of support from fans. No Brady's Black Excellence performance video earned Rice and JMuzique an award from Poze Radio for best Live Hip-hop Performance Video. No Brady was also recognized on WNIR as a sizzling song of the Summer.

Rice believes that Music is a universal language, that has the power, to educate, empower, and change, while bringing people together. Rice continues to take the time to continue to develop and define himself. The best description Rice has read was in the Daily Music Roll "Rice has come out of his comfort zone and sprang into his natural hue of confidence" because this is something that Rice works on because we can not allow disappointments or obstacles to rock our confidence so I want to be an example for anyone, and demonstrate that hard work and not giving up, can get us through the obstacles.


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