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Red56- “Right On Time”

Review by Pat Joseph

“Right On Time” is an insistent, catchy song with multiple hooks and an overall great sound. Interesting textures in the instrumental tracks support a cascading lead vocal which delivers the song with passion and confidence. The rhythm section establishes a firm groove, playing with syncopation when appropriate. All pieces fit together cohesively in this song, creating waves of energy which seem to swell and fall with timely precision.

Lyrically, “Right On Time” is inspirational and infectious. “We’re right on time, To free our minds.” These lyrics are delivered with an undeniable conviction, making them appealing and contagious. “We’re letting go to feel the flow, Within our hearts and souls." These lyrics also offer moments of contemplation and soul searching. “I haven’t really found that cure, That takes away this emptiness, Some make it look so effortless.” The confessional nature of these lyrics makes the chorus even more uplifting.

The arrangement of “Right On Time” is satisfying on multiple levels. Piano melodies are subtle and work wonders for the overall harmonic character of the music. Bass fills are inspired and add a character to the song’s low end. Well-orchestrated drum fills pepper the song with exciting rhythmic moments, injecting an energy into the music and keeping the momentum going. Back-up vocals add support to the lead vocal, which is expressive and inviting throughout the tune.

A true ensemble performance, music lovers will have much to appreciate while listening to “Right On Time.” Stream on Spotify Connect on Facebook. Visit Bandcamp, for more information about Red56


About Red56 Red56 is what happens when songwriting soulmates Danielle Gorre (vocals) and Freddy Villano (bass) connect and create (with a lot of help from their friends). "Soul-soothing and bone-shattering groove from experienced scenesters who flesh out their simpatico numbers [songs] with lushly orchestrated tension." Dmitry Epstein,


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