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Rachel Norman - 'Fairway Drive'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Rachel Norman takes you on the road with her new single “Fairway Drive.” As the sun goes down, a smooth bassline and organ open the song as Rachel’s warm, lush vocals sing a bright melody. The drums set a pop-rock groove as the beat picks up after the first verse. There are jazz, RnB, and soul influences which elevate the song. The choir comes in during the chorus, and the lead vocals begin a call and response as the organ plays an inspiring riff. During the break, a lively rock groove sets the tone. The arrangement has strong rhtymic sensibilities that really make this song popmaking this song a compelling and fun bop.

“Fairway Drive” is about reminiscing over the fun times on the road with friends and the warming feeling you have as you head back home. Rachel was inspired by a trip home, and created a song on the spot in her car. It’s fun to go on road adventures and see different things outside of your neighborhood, but there’s a good feeling about coming home. As the song sings:

“When the sun is goin down, A

nd you’re drivin out on the town,

Don’t forget, How I used to come around

When the kids are walkin home.”

Rachel Norman's artistry is impactful; she knows how to convey excitement and anticipation through her music. Her arrangement has a dynamic style that perfectly constrasts her silky vocals. "Fairways Drive" is the perfect song to take on the road or remind you of home. It feels like like a fresh breath of musical air on the highway with your windows rolled down. Rachel is a skilled songwriter and captivating performer, and this feel-good banger will get you pumped - wherever you are on the road of life.

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About Rachel Norman

RachelNorman is a soulful pop songstress based in NYC. Her voice is described as having “a tone that strikes you from the moment you hear it." Rachel's voice has led her to many remarkable collaborations: Luke Aymon (producer), Jason Leonhard (jazz composer/pianist), Kris Wong (songwriter/guitarist), CLOCKWORK DJ, and Mike Abisuo of Behind the Curtains Media. Rachel is also an actor who has been seen on NYC stages and beyond.


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