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Pauline Frechette - "Pastoral: Bluebird Park"

Review By Aaron Cloutier and Staff

Neo-classical composer Pauline Frechette returns with Pastoral: Bluebird Park. A gorgeous and uplifting homage to the beauty and majesty of nature-inspired by her very own property of the same name.

The inspiration behind the piece is best described by Frechette herself. “On our property, we are constantly delighted by all the creatures of nature including a golden eagle, several hawks, songbirds, rabbits, chipmunks, and our favorite bluebirds, who play with us each morning and "fight" with each other to grab the peanuts.

It’s no surprise to then hear said imagery of Bluebird Park personified in vivid detail as listeners will be greeted by playful strikes of piano keys contrasted with the warmth and expansiveness of various stringed instruments.

The music is incredibly conversational. At times, the instruments dance together in lock-step fashion while other times, they burst apart. Branching out on their own into beautiful counterpoint melodies. Even though this piece was written about a location in California, each listen conjures up nostalgic images of the East coast during fall-time in my mind. Pictures of the aforementioned bluebirds darting back and forth through trees singing, conversing, and competing for food instantly come to me. Pauline can turn vivid imagery into musical arrangements that are so captivating.

This “dancing” quality isn’t just limited to notes here. Dynamically speaking, the piece runs the gamut. Peaceful passages give way to a deep reservoir of feeling represented in full by sudden expanding dynamic shifts. There’s an intense welling up of emotion that brings to mind a more pensive and reflective quality to great effect.

Pastoral: Bluebird Park is a must-listen for music fans who love music regardless of genre. The piece is equal parts elegant, enthralling, and emotive and will leave you wanting to push play one more time.


About Pauline Frerchette

Pauline Frechette is a contemporary composer/performer. Her music is best definied as “Neo-classical” miniatures. DEF. “The use of modern techniques within the classical form composing music that reflects one’s own compositional voice.” Her work has been performed by the Baltimore Symphony, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, New West Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, National Symphony at the Kennedy Center and at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Pauline has sung on film scores including Aladdin and Mermaids and with many legendary artists including Paul McCartney, Beck, Cher, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond and Muse for the 2012 Olympics.

Her solo albums, "An Intimate Story” and “Colors of my Heart” each debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Classical and Classical Cross-over charts. Her music is currently played in over 125 countries to millions of listeners and has over 12 million hits collectively on Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, iTunes and Amazon. She won 3 Silver Awards in the 2021 W.A.M. awards and was the 2020 Gold Award W.A.M. winner for “Best Instrumental.” Her suite for symphony and dance, “Tales of Winter” is having its world premiere in Dec. 2021 with the California Contemporary Dance company and the New West Symphony.

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