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Paul DeMarco – “Drunk Snowman”

Review by Saya Mochizuki

“Drunk Snowman” is a fun, unique holiday get-together anthem written by Kellie Niederhelman and performed by Paul DeMarco. Opening with a cheerful horn section and a chorus of vocal scats singing the catchy melody cheerfully, it’s hard not to sing along. The verse instrumental is cleveras the horns and chorus drop out leaving guitar, bass, and a simple drumbeat—allowing the listener to give their full attention DeMarco’s animated voice and hear the amusing story.

The chorus and hook allow more room for the instruments and background vocals to riff off of each other—the guitar solo, after the first chorus, is playful and fitting after we’re immersed in the mood of the song. Some background vocals are added as a response to the lead in verse 2 which helps differentiate it, as the lyrics contain specific references to what the snowman is drinking and go more into detail. The song’s arrangement overall is purposeful and very dynamic; it’s excitement never fizzles out—and the bright style of the mix helps emphasize this feeling.

The progression of the first few lyrics “Snow is falling, friends are calling, snowman babbling unknown sounds” are excellently timed. The song takes on unexpected twists, as it starts off like a typical holiday song then spins the listener into a more humorous direction. DeMarco’s playful references to other famous Christmas themes or characters like “He may not be frosty, but he’s my friend” also contribute to the song’s offbeat comedic demeanor.

A perfect mix of adult humor about the holidays and nods to the famous snowman that your inner child adores, the creative, carefree and clever writing team of deMarco and Niederhelman shines through “Drunk Snowman”. Stream Drunk Snowman!


About Paul deMarco

Paul deMarco is a singer/songwriter from Anglesey in North Wales with over 25 years of experience performing, writing, and recording music both as a solo performer and member of the group Gumshaw, the Ebenezer Chapter band project and currently of The Bassmen, and writing and producing for Southern rock band Blackwater Lake.

Performing live led Paul to share the stage with a diverse range of artists, from Ed Sheeran's co-writer Amy Wadge to Jan Akkerman and from Budgie to Henry Priestman from the Christians. Co-writing with songwriters worldwide has enhanced Pauls's songwriting, and always brings his best to every co-write. Modern technology means he has been able to write with writers in Nashville and learn from the best, and being part of Clay Mills SongTown has led to some great co-writes leading to sync placement. 2 songs written on a song writing retreat run by over Novello winner Chris Difford from the band Squeeze, will be featured on an upcoming album to be mastered at the legendary Abbey Road. The writing retreats also led to co-writes with great writers like Jeff Cohen, Bill Lloyd, and David Wilcox.

l has been writing music for sync as a solo composer, with other writers, and part of the DOL writing team with award-winning writers Bill O'Hanlon and Lucy LeBlanc. When not writing, gigging, or streaming gigs live on Facebook, Paul is working with young people who find school a challenge, using music to build confidence and channel frustration, sharing the power of songwriting—also inspiring the next generation of Rock stars at The Rock Project. As well as performing and teaching, Paul is producing demos for songwriters all over the world and producing his own music. Paul combines his wide range of tastes to create a melting pot of styles that make him truly unique.

For more information on Paul, please visit his website.

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