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Ohnlé - "Take Me"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Take Me” is an absolute banger. The vibe and tempo of this song are perfect for a moving piece of music. Ohnlé delivers a masterful vocal performance, staying on top of the beat and pushing the energy forward. The backing track is phenomenal. Dynamic peaks and valleys create a stunning chorus, while a steamroller of a groove carries the verses. The overall feeling of the music is uplifting and highly energizing.

Lyrically, “Take Me” is a romantic and poetic statement.

“Cause you say you got priorities, baby, but I know you won’t deny the night…with me it feels right.”

Ohnlé delivers these lyrics with a contagious conviction.

“Put it down baby, you don’t have to have your walls up when around with me.”

Relatable and positive, these lyrics elevate the music.

The arrangement of “Take Me” is fantastic. The courageously artistic layering of musical ideas creates an exciting feeling reminiscent of classic pop-R&B pioneers. The forward propulsion of the rhythm section instruments and the acrobatic vocal performance of Ohnlé combine to create something undeniable. Make sure you are somewhere you can move your body when you listen to “Take Me.” A truly inspiring work of art.


About Ohnlé

Hailed by fans as “feel-good music, with a unique sound”, Ohnlé music has its roots in Pop and R&B setting his signature sound of Pop/R&B Fusion, but wets the appetite of other genre palates, using musical mixtures of Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Country. From head-bopping, upbeat tempos that inspire fun, new beginnings, and sprouting relationships, to slow-grooving ballads that empathize with love and heartbreak; his music mantra is versatility, substance, and journey. Versatility inspired by his loathe of being "Put in a box" or limited, sparking his thrive in producing his own music, directing his own videos, etc. Substance inspired by the subject matter in his lyrics, to connect with the listener on a an emotional level. Journey inspired by not shying away from his growth in quality, and embracing his storytelling abilities by taking his fans on an arcing journey via music or visually.

Learn more at his website:


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