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Octavate – 'My Wasteland'

Review by April Kranz & Staff

Boston-based Octavate is made up of Josh Prost and Shawn Valle, and we have to say, we’re digging the heavier vibes this week. My Wasteland is a somber, introspective piece with twists and turns abound; with Prost and Valle, the song is mixed with the stylings of drummer Tom Dupree III, and producer Andrew Leyenhorst.

We begin with our main guitar riff drenched in distortion, pocketed nicely in between 5/4 and 6/4 rhythms. Soaring vocals from Valle are at the forefront of the verse, as we head into a guitar break before the 4/4 chorus. We dive into more of Valle’s raging vox while the band full on jams under him, and we head into another instrumental break featuring the main riff. Another verse, 6/4 break, and 4/4 chorus later, we head into the main riff once more. The bridge offers an explosion of sound, imploding into a sudden stop at the end. The song is well-conceived on all frots: vocally, rhymically, and lyrically.

Octavate uses imagery and movement, tumbleweeds and trudging, to depict a journey of emptiness.

“Road is empty, desolate and tumbleweeds,

Pavement plenty, yellow line to hear my screams,

Trudging on,

Looking for someone to feel,

Setting sun,

Convincing me that this is real,

My Wasteland,

It’s my wasteland”

If hard rock is your jam, Octavate gives a powerful performance on My Wasteland that offers bark and bite. For our readers based in New England, not in New England, and everywhere in between, they’ll be sure to satiate your fix for all your heavy needs!

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Visit Octivate's website.


About Octivate's

Octavate is a Boston-based Hard Rock band led by songwriters Joshua Prost (JP) and Shawn Valle. JP also founded Jack Prost Band, a more Pop-Rock project, and Numba9ne, a much heavier Rock / Alternative project that’s still releasing fantastic Boston Rock. JP is also a DJ on Harmonic Headspace, a live worldwide syndicated radio show on Wave Radio Boston.

Shawn Valle leads Spartan Valley, and hosts a Twitch channel that’s recently exploded with weekly followers and watchers. After success in local bands as well as creating original music in other rock projects, Shawn and JP joined forces to create Octavate. You’ll hear influences from Audioslave, Incubus, and Tool, but the sound is ultimately unique. JP plays the baritone in most songs, and you can feel the low growl in your jaw if you listen loud enough. And Shawn’s singing is incredibly powerful – each song builds emotion and feeling. Their cover of Money Changes Everything is eyebrow lifting, and My Wasteland is jaw dropping.

Octavate’s first EP “Better Never Than Late” is available on all major streaming mediums including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and more. Catch the band live if you can!


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