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Musiq 4 Change - 'Be My Girl'

Review by Abby Kenna

If you’re looking for a romantic soundtrack to this upcoming Valentine’s Day, look no further than “Be My Girl” by Musiq 4 Change.

“Be My Girl” is vibrantly arranged, stacked with layers of lush instruments. A percussive synth lays at the core of the track, plucking out the song’s progression. Beneath it, a crisp trap beat provides a tight structure, truncating the airier synths. Filling the lofty corners of the track, Musiq 4 Change adds breathy nuances of synth effects to cushion the central instrumentals. This symphony of instruments creates a perfect contrast – sharp rhythmic aspects are smoothened by expansive keys.

“I’d like to see you flying, I’d like to see you smile.. I’m trying my best for you.”

Music 4 Change is especially keen in his instrumental story-building throughout “Be My Girl”. He embraces the ebbs and flows of the song, adjusting the intensity of the arrangement layers based on the emotion of the section. For example, the pre-chorus embodies tension, so Musiq 4 Change pulls back the percussion here, leaving space for listeners to relish in the abrupt quietness.

A cheeky aspect that adds personality while also contrast within the scope of “Be My Girl” is the song’s bridge. A female vocalist steps in to sing this section, written in response to Musiq 4 Change’s lyrics. She has a playful tone, meeting his flirtations with a clever wink of a verse.

“You got class, could you please me school me?”

This brief, but colorful diversion from the song’s standard progression brightens the final iteration of the chorus, allowing listeners to appreciate the subsequent fullness of the arrangement.

Bubbling with romantic exhilaration, “Be My Girl” is lush with the excitement of a new crush!


About Musiq 4 Change Musiq 4 Change is an independent songwriter. Specializes include topline and hooks. Musiq r Change works with artists, producers, and publishers. Musiq 4 Change is a graduate of the Songwriting Academy in the UK. You can find more tracks on Soundcloud.


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