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Moving City - -“Can I Go and See My Lady”

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Can I Go and See My Lady” is a shimmering and inviting piece of music. The mood on this song is simultaneously serious and fun. Classic indie-vibes are explored with a fresh perspective by Moving City, which does everything right on this great track which will soon be your new favorite song. Vocal takes are expressive and warm while the band is driving and sensitive. The energy of this song is extremely uplifting.

Lyrically, “Can I Go and See My Lady” is poetic and evocative. When I’m feeling right, when I’m feeling right about it.” The use of repetition creates a perfect phonetic companion to the sound of the music. “Don’t ask me for too much, I just wanna see my lady, Can I go and see my lady?” The cool vocal delivery of these lyrics adds depth and a certain enjoyable mystery.

The arrangement of “Can I Go and See My Lady” creates a wonderful sonic world for listeners. The rhythm section is intense but relaxing. Layers of guitars weave together wonderfully, while vocals wash over the music tastefully. The song builds to a fever with a searing organ and a hypnotic rhythm. This music is artistic and expertly crafted. Listeners will immediately fall in love with “Can I Go and See My Lady.”


About Moving City

Andrew Facciolo and Logan Shaw started Moving City nearly a decade ago writing songs as an acoustic duo in Toronto, both playing guitar. Since reuniting in Vancouver after a brief hiatus, they have grown to 5 members, adding another guitar player (Chris Johnson), Bass (Jan Toren), and Drums (Madison Norton).

Since the addition of the full band, the Moving City sound has changed from just two acoustic guitars to a very dynamic and diverse performing group, playing songs that were written originally on acoustic guitars and transposed into a contemporary pop-rock/alt-rock sound. With this transition, we’ve still kept the wholesome roots of the raw acoustic vibe of our original writing. The simplicity and space of our songs make it possible for us to not only perform as a full band but also as a duo and trio.

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