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MonkeyRat - 'Good Morning Reykjavik'

Review by Sylvie Marie

Anna Iachino from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, of Italian descent is the songwriter, vocalist, rapper, spoken word artist, poet, dancer, and storyteller with a comical twist. Arnold Ludvig, from the Faroe Islands, is the composer, arranger, and award-winning virtuoso bass player. Together, they are a dynamic husband and wife team and the creators of MonkeyRat founded in 2006, in the Faroe Islands. The band was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark with award winning guitarist, Alain Apaloo from Togo, Africa and superb Danish drummer Jens Stoklund. MonkeyRat released their 2010 debut album, Fuck The Jante Law followed by Sunshine in 2012 to great reviews and many #1 hits. In 2016, 4 digital singles were released with The Hentze Horns and received international radio airplay. Get into The Light, MonkeyRat's first hip-hop/gospel collaboration with Debbie Cameron, Deborah Herbert, and Joanita Zachariasen was released in 2018 with resounding success. On March 20, 2020, MonkeyRat started the year with their hit single, "Good Morning Reykjavík", a fun and funky dance number that will get your body moving.

Straight from funky-town, MonkeyRat’s “Good Morning Reykjavik” is a popping, bass-driven tune inspired by the group's stay in Reykjavik, Iceland. The song opens up with the rumbling sounds of an earth quake (this really did happen) soon followed by the steady four-to-the-floor pounding of a kick drum as Anna begins chanting, “Good morning Reykjavik. Start your morning with a kick. Wanna hear a funky lick? Hit me.”

As she says “hit me” the arrangement opens up with thick bass motifs accompanied by layers of guitar and production as they lean into the first verse. Electric guitar riffs are reminiscent of the Artist Known As Prince. The talented band consists of Anna Iachino ( songwriter, vocals & co-composer); Arnold Ludvig (composer, bass, backing vocals, Ableton Live); Alain Apaloo ( guitars); Jens Stoklund ( drums & percussion).

Adapting to the style, Anna raps the through the verses with a flare reminiscent of the early hip-hop. Anna is a dynamic front-woman who commands your attention. With each passing verse, each chorus is bolstered by new syncopated motifs adding new flavors to the arrangement and keeping listeners engaged. Upon reaching the third verse, the whole arrangement takes a dynamic shift, taking on a more bluesy 60's inspired, instrumental vibe before sending us back to the familiarity of the chorus as they sing,

Já, já, já, já, já - Wanna hear a funky lick - hit me!”

The inspiration for the song took place when MonkeyRat arrived at their flat in Reykjavík, Iceland, and were welcomed and shakened by an earthquake. Surrounded by lush nature (where fairies are believed to be living in the great big stones) Anna stepped out onto the balcony and felt the glorious welcome of morning. The songs fun and funky landscape perfectly portrays the vibrant, get-up-and-go energy of starting a day full of possiblity.

“Good Morning Reykjavik” is filled with insightful production elements that nod to the culture and life in Reykjavik. MonkeyRat invites listeners to wake up and get funky, and it's an invitation that's impossible to ignore as MonkeyRat delivers top-rate production and groove to spare!

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