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Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon - 'Humanity's Lullaby'

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon offer a friendly and fun musical experience as they playfully perform songs from their five album releases. . Mariah's debut album ‘Equivocal Dreams’ was released in 2012, next with the Covert Dragon was their 2016 release ‘Woodsy Mushrumps’ along with Randy's solo album titled 'Randall of Greenwood: Regeneration' and 2017 release 'A Date With Myself' followed by their newest 2019 release 'Beyond The Smokey Mirror' recorded in Minnesota at Rhythm Priest Studios. For three years from 2016 to 2019, Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon successfully toured throughout the United States from coast to coast and parts of Canada performing theaters, festivals, house concerts and a little of everything in-between. Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon's music has been played throughout the world on various radio stations, most notably in England (Damh the Bard's podcast).

A great way to get acquainted with Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon's uplifting sound is to check out their single, "Humanity's Lullaby." Humanity's Lullaby is an inspirational song with a positive and life affirming message that will lift your spirits. The song is a magical and mystical treat for the ears and the mind.

Commencing with delicate acoustic guitar finger-picking, "Humanity's Lullaby" starts off with an inviting and soft timbre. Mariah enters singing, "We are the makers of fate Take unto your responsibility. We are shooting stars bound for infinity." In the introduction, Mariah sings softly. Her performance is mesmerizing.

As the song moves forward, it blooms with a gorgeous, full orchestration. A robust string section plays long and beautiful legato lines. A sparkling 2-string guitar adds wonderful texture and a deep bass adds movement to music. Small bell sounds tingle in the mix. This orchestration continues to build through to the end. The group achieves an ancient, Celtic-like sound that rolls in like thunder and captivates your ear at every ethereal turn. Mariah Dawn Shepherd wrote the song and plays both a 6 & 12-string guitar. Randy Widick (the Covert Dragon) plays bass guitar and Paul Ferrise plays drums, bell, and strings. The song was engineered and produced by Paul Ferrise of Rhythm Priest Studios in Finlayson, Minnesota.

"Humanity's Lullably" explores our existence and our role in reaching our destiny. It is a song that seeks to stretch our imaginations to see beyond the material world to reach our full potential. "See beyond the smokey mirror that blinds you to your full potential." Stating that it is never too late to remember who you are and to let love guide you, the dream is not singular, but for all of humanity.

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon's "Humanity's Lullaby" is a gorgeous song that is performed with mesmerizing vocals set to an exciting and well-conceived arrangement. The lyrics are poetic and beautiful offering a deep look into humanity and an uplifting message that is never too late to become who you were meant to be. After just one listen, you will be spellbound.

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