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Maria and the Coins - ‘Sweet Disposition’

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Sweet Disposition” by Maria and the Coins is a hauntingly beautiful cover of a classic tune. The band breathes new life into this familiar song and stuns listeners with a musically mature rendition full of depth and excitement. Maria’s vocal is impressively precise while remaining very human. Her vocal tone inspires reflection and encourages closer listening. The band is unbelievable on this track, showcasing serious talent and artistic command. Piano voicings are rich, while guitar fills are sensitive and expressive.

The lyrics of this classic song are given a renewed meaning by the band’s sensitive reexamination.

“Sweet disposition, Never too soon, Oh, reckless abandon, Like no one's watching you.”

These opening lyrics are delivered with such passionate conviction that they will give you chills.

“A moment, a love, A dream, aloud, A kiss, a cry, Our rights, our wrongs.”

As the song builds, so does the intensity of the vocal performance, energetically elevating the mood of the music.

Maria and the Coin’s version of “Sweet Disposition” demonstrates an expert command over dynamic control. The crescendo from beginning to end of this song is masterfully done and extremely effective. It begins with provocative piano chords and the most sensitive vocal expressions. Each is very fragile yet perfectly placed. Complex guitar sounds lead into a rhythmic build before the drums and bass elevate the music. By the end of the track, you’ll be jumping up and down in your seat. A virtuosic band performance and star-powered vocal execution make Maria and the Coin’s version of “Sweet Disposition” an instant classic.


About Maria and the Coins

Maria and the Coins bundle big-picture pop ambition into earnest, indie sensibility. The five-some fuses singer-songwriter-driven pop hooks with the vulnerability and honesty of an indie band.

Frontwoman Maria Coyne's powerhouse vocals are matched with emotive storytelling often focused on finding the light amidst a chaotic world. While the writing features nods to Coyne’s pop, country, and theatre roots, the music finds its sweet spot behind alternative rock-influenced arrangements resulting in a sound often likened to Sara Bareilles, Michelle Branch, and James Bay. The band has opened for touring artists such as Christina Perri, Haley Reinhart, Betty Who, and Forest Blakk.

With the release of their latest album 'Forward', the band gained traction with local and national outlets like American Songwriter, Indie Spoonful, and Please Pass the Indie. “Movin’ On,” the first single from the album, has received local and international radio play with 250k streams on Spotify.

For more information about Maria and the Coins, visit their website


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