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MAJIC - 'Change'

Majic's "Change" is a somber, classic rock ballad with a compelling performance that grips listeners from the start to finish. Clean, skillfully picked guitar arpeggios lay out the foundation for the record. The playing is so emotive, that it pulls you in and never lets go. In conjunction with background vocals that are gliding back and forth across the stereo image, the music envelopes you in a haunting, moody atmosphere.

The lead vocals by Dave Annan are clear and forward, but have a reverberant echo that fits perfectly into the mix. Dave takes the spotlight as a charismatic front singer, while the guitar shines as well for a truly musical blend.

"Change" talks about time, loss, and love. In this tale, although the seasons change, some things seem to remain the same: painful experiences liking being "lied to" and "cried to," There is a feeling of lost love, but still being in love and having to find yourself again. The seasons are a reminder that time moves forward. Change is inevitable, yet predictable. Staying stuck is not an option and love can't survive without change. "Seasons change. Better find yourself again. We've been through that door, we've been here before."

The record really picks up towards the end with the addition of a crunchy electric guitar solo before wrapping things up with a climactic finale. The solo is very tasteful and never boastful, serving the song perfectly.

Majic gives a highly memorable performance from start to finish with this ballad, Displaying excellent songwriting and stellar musicianship, this band is both tight and expressive. Wil J Hair is precise and purposeful, never showing off, playing leads and arpeggio's that make the song standout. David Annan is captivating through and through. Drummer Randy Paine is "in the pocket" and gels very well with the group. Lyrically, the song is introspective and feels as though it is based on real life experience. Listen to "Change" by Majic to remind yourself that, like the seasons, there's always time to move on.


About Majic

Majic is a Los Angeles based Rock band featuring Wil J Hair, guitars; Randy Paine, drums; and Dave Annan, vocals. The band has been described as having massive riffs, supersonic shredding, with soaring vocals. The have reached # 1 on UK Talk Radio Hot 100 and have been a featured artist on Indie Talk Podcast which is heard in 10 countries. The group has been cranking out songs boasting over a dozen radio-ready songs on their website.

For more information on Majic, please visit their website!


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