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Maggie Amini - 'All Who Are Thirsty'

Review by Abby Kenna

“All Who Are Thirsty” by Maggie Amini is a heart-wrenching rendition of the timeless worship song. With stirring vocals enveloped in achingly dynamic strings and a melodic piano, this song touches the soul with introspective beauty.

“All Who Are Thirsty” begins with a simple, resounding piano motif, drifting through hauntingly beautiful dissonances that ripple out through the ambience. Amini’s voice cuts into the mix full of emotion, warm and genuinely inspired. Laden with reverb, the vocals floats across the wide soundscape. The clean echoes catch the authentic delivery of the lyrics, accentuating the subtle breaths, smooth legato phrases, and moments of sharp consonants. Authentic and dreamy, these emotive vocals encourage the message of faith and sincerity found within “All Who Are Thirsty”:

“Come to the fountain

Dip your heart in the stream of life

Let the pain and the sorrow

Be washed away…”

Rising low and quiet from underneath the billowing vocals, a string arrangement surges into the mix as the chorus begins. The swell of the rich cellos and bass propel the lilting vocals as Amini’s voice soars with faith. Mirroring the cyclical melodies of the vocals, the piano dances in almost a call-and-response pattern, echoing the inspiring message of “All Who Are Thirsty". By the second chorus, a soaring upper harmony joins the mix, lifting the delicate vocals with a gentle ripple of enthusiasm. The strings simultaneously sing with a voice of their own, sometimes falling in step with the vocals as a third harmony, other times venturing off into the depths of the song with their own winding melodies. These layers of instrumentals and vocal intricacies illuminate the powerful repetitions of the chorus:

“Come Lord Jesus, come”

Pulling back the driving piano and dancing string arrangement, the bridge allows for a moment of introspection as the vocals echo for a moment on their own. With the sudden rush of empty space, filled to the brim with emotive, reverberating vocals, you can’t help but catch your breath and reflect on the captivating beauty of “All Who Are Thirsty”. The piano and strings filter back in for one final chorus, flickering among the resonating vocals with grace.

Maggie Amini’s rendition of “All Who Are Thirsty” is an achingly beautiful opportunity for introspective reflection. Soaring with vibrant strings and resonant vocals, Maggie Amini has delivered a touching encapsulation of faith and hope.


About Maggie Amini Maggie has been leading worship since she was a young girl in San Antonio, Texas. Her passion is to use her vocal and songwriting talents to encourage others to a deeper faith and trust in God. She has led worship for countless churches and organizations including Young Life, Laity Lodge Youth Camp, First Presbyterian Church San Antonio, University United Methodist Church SA, Community Bible Church, etc. Internationally she has led in Kigali, Rwanda and in Spanish in The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Maggie feels particularly called to the struggles of middle school and high school youth and pursues an understanding of and connection to this age group. She holds an M.S. Degree in Counseling and a B.S. in Education. Maggie’s current project, “Songs from Home” is a nod of honor to the hymns and songs she sang in her childhood. She believes her faith was formed in the context of these timeless pieces and by revisiting them, she will gain a depth of understanding of her past to better move toward what lies ahead. She wants to breathe life into each song with her new renditions. She believes these songs still speak honestly and eloquently to our forever need of God.


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