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Lynne Taylor - 'Shades of Blue'

Based in Newburyport, MA, Lynne Taylor is a singer-songwriter and piano player. Her music landed her in the finals of both the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and the Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition. Growing up in Kent, Ohio, the daughter of a folk musician and a poet, Lynne absorbed the social consciousness of the sixties and seventies. Today, her music pushes conventions and boundaries while exploring social and personal experience. Lynne's CD, “Shades of Blue” charted in the top 25 on both FAI folk DJ and Roots Music Report charts in November and December 2019 and the title track was the #1 Alternative folk single for the week of January 4, 2020. She has shared the stage with countless top notch artists from Odetta to Peter Mulvey.

The title track off the CD showcases Lynne's undeniable talent."Shade of Blue" commences with gorgeous finger-style guitar for an authentic folk sound. Small, delicate mandolin riffs sparkle. Soon a moving violin bleeds through, pulling your heart strings. The rhythm created by the strings and guitar is steady with an elongated blues feel. A tasteful electric guitar highlights the track with an artistic lead while the mandolin supports with muted strings for an engaging texture. The entire arrangement draws you in with expressive playing that reaches the heart.

Lynne enters the first verse singing, " If there was something I could say. Something I could do To take the pain away I would do that thing for you. But life’s got a funny way of keeping us honest and true, As we walk on day by day, through deeper shades of blue."" Lynne's voice is simply beautiful. She has a pure, clear tone that is also warm and inviting. She adds color and tenderness filling the song's nooks and crannies with subtle character and soulful depth.

Lyrically, "Shades of Blue" unfolds in an unexpected way. Lynne explores the many colors of blue. At times, I was reminded of a healing blue sky and at other times I felt sorrow. In 'Shades of Blue' Lynne reaches a place that goes deeper than words and touches upon our humanity. The song unfolds like a prayer.

"One day the heavens will rejoice One day earth be born anew One day we raise one voice It will be strong and proud and true And I’ll know that you are me And I’ll know that I am you"

"Shades of Blue" by Lynn Taylor is a gem to be treasured. Often, a masterpiece is not found in fast, virtuoso playing or complexity. Sometimes a masterpiece is delicate, subtle and beautiful. It is heard in the poetry of the lyrics, the flow of a melody, the subtle expression of a vocalist, the tasteful musicianship of a crying violin or guitar, and the ability to tap into our humanity and heal us. When all these elements are put together, music becomes art. Lynne Taylor has achieved this level or art in "Shades of Blue."

Please visit Lynne Taylor's Website for music and official information. Connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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