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LeLe Latrice - 'Super Woman'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Super Woman” is a joyous piece of music. The intricate and refined groove creates a very clean forward propulsion in the music. The vocal performance is mesmerizing. Latrice’s vocals are earthy and endearing. Use of auto-tune brings the vibe of the music into the supernatural and gives listeners the feeling of being in a dream. This track also features Don Crucifixto who adds another dimension to the music and gives listeres yet another thing to like about this song.

Lyrically, “Super Woman” is a love song with an empowering spirit. Latrice delivers professions of love and devotion with total conviction.

“All time all day, anytime you smile, what I feel inside, what you by my side.”

The way these vocals sit over top of the groove is perfect. You’ll be totally engaged and invested in this song.

“Because I want to be your Super Woman.” Simple and powerful, a beautiful artistic statement.

“Super Woman” is hypnotizing and highly satisfying. The chorus is the perfect combination of relaxed and energizing. This music is like a natural dose of Prozac with a shot of caffeine. Latrice delivers a killer vocal performance on this song. The delicate care that went into the lead vocal expressions are stellar, and give the music a richness that is irresistible. The groove is unique but highly relatable. Overall “Super Woman” is a song that you will fall in love with instantly…you’ll be adding this one to your everyday playlist for sure!


About LeLe Latrice

LeLe Latrice, an Omaha native and long-time resident of both Virginia Beach, Virginia and Honolulu, Hawaii, is a passionate music enthusiast who has a significant background in dance, choreography, singing and songwriting. She was brought up in a family of singers and sung gospel music as a youth, leading songs in the choir of her church.

LeLe fell in love with afrobeat music and all the subgenres of African dance during her journey of teaching dance. She has taught afrobeat dance classes and created and performed choreography for other performing artists.

Not only does she bring smiles to the masses by teaching dance, but she also has a pure sultry style that can stir your spirit and calm your soul through her singing voice. The “purple goddess” has sang background vocals on tracks and performances alike.

LeLe’s sound infuses sultry heartfelt and authentic R & B with an afrobeat twist. While bringing these styles together, she creates harmony-creating a unique Afro-fusion brand of passionate melody to be enjoyed by the masses.

LeLe has a versatile swag due to her love of all genres of music. Her melodic and harmonious style reflects her passion of music and dance.

LeLe has been a creative mind behind the scenes and she is now ready to breakout and show the world her heart through the art of song. She plans to continue to write and perform while sharing her unique passion for music and make a mark in the realm of entertainment.

For more information about LeLeLatrice visit her website


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