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Lavendar Honey - "NEED YOUR LOVE"

Review by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

Clean arpeggiated guitar chords, thumping eighth note bass lines, and half-time drum grooves set the tone for the space odyssey that is “Need Your Love” by composer, artist, producer Daniel Thompson AKA, Lavender Honey. Between the pristine atmospherics, subtlety nuanced arrangements, far away sustained lead guitar lines, and polished production, “Need Your Love” sonically gives me a feeling like it’s a song you’d take to the the beach but if that beach was in space…

In the center of it all is a dynamic vocal performance that can only be described as both intimate and emotive. Jumping back and forth between intimate whispers to acrobatic falsetto. It’s clear that Thompson is drawing from a deep well of experience.

At first “glance” I thought this was going to be a love song of sorts but was surprised to find that despite the mellow nature of the music, the subject mater touches on much more intense topics such as wrestling with self worth and battling addiction.

This in my opinion being best conveyed in lyrics like

“I've been so distracted

And I'm ashamed of how I've reacted

I know that there is grace

But I'm so tired

I just want change”

What is interesting about this song is though it is heavily rooted in atmospheric pop infused rock, the dynamics remain more or less consistent. There’s no huge chorus contrasting with more subdued verses. The song maintains an energy throughout that upon reflection, serves the somber lyrical content perfectly. As if the music itself is at the end of it’s rope and can barely speak let alone scream.

In compact ambient, well produced pop infused music is your bag. I recommend giving this one a spin.


About Lavender Honey

Indie pop with 60s -early 80s influence. Founded in 2021, Lavender Honey is the brainwork of Daniel Thompson. New Nashvillian. Former Marylander. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist with his music showcasing his piano, guitar, bass, vocal, and production ability. Lavender Honey will be releasing at least one new song a month in 2022. Make sure to keep up with his work on and connect on these platforms: Soundcloud Spotify TikTok Instagram


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