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Laura Cheadle - HerVoice Interview

What is your earliest memory of music? And, how did you get started in music?

I literally came out of the womb singing and, hand first, ready for the mic in my hand (true story, I came out hand first.. my mom reminds me every year on my birthday :) ) My father, James Cheadle, is a legendary piano player/musician in the Philadelphia scene so it wasn’t uncommon for me to have famous musicians jamming in my basement as a child. I grew up in music but also grew WITH music. I love the music scene and being around creative people. I started my first band with my brothers at age 11. At 16, the whole family (including my dad!) joined the band when I picked up the guitar and started really writing songs. The rest is history :)

What was the first song you ever wrote? What or who inspired you to start writing music?

The first song I ever wrote is called “We’re In Love” when I was five years old (haha!) but my first "real song" came after a heart break called “Can’t Be In Love With You.” This is featured on one of my earlier albums. My world is a muse and I write about all different things that go on in my life. I love being inspired at random moments and I noticed that I can’t stop writing lately. I am so excited to release my new album, SHINE THIS LIFETIME.

Do you play any instruments? If yes tell us about it. If not, do you work with a band or studio musicians? Do you produce your tracks or work with a producer?

Yes, I play guitar, drums, piano and bass. My first instrument was the drums but I wanted to write songs as well. I write most of my songs on the guitar. I am endorsed by Traveler Guitar so I love writing on my little Traveler. I work with my family band (we were featured on family band reality shows!) and my father owns a recording studio. We collaborate on songs constantly. My upcoming album SHINE THIS LIFETIME, was produced and recorded at his studio. I am very fortunate to have access to a studio and amazing musicians in my family.

What is your favorite part about being an artist (performing, recording, writing, playing)?

I love that it’s never a set routine. When I perform live, I am always meeting and interacting with new people. I love the buzz of creativity that emanates in the room when I perform. I love music fans that truly appreciate the tiny details that go into music. I really love being a musician because it’s not just a career; it’s a beautiful human connection.

Do you have any advice for young women pursuing music?

My advice would be to STAY TRUE to your music and develop it over time with hard work and dedication. Write from the heart because people will always recognize genuine music from the soul.

For readers who have never heard your music, can you suggest one or two songs to start with?

I, of course, have to mention my brand new single “Everybody Say.” I would strongly suggest watching the new music video with this song. This song was birthed from the quarantine because I wanted to lift everyone’s spirits. This song is all about staying happy and letting your inner light shine. The music video is half animated and features myself with some furry friends from the forest. No matter what genre you like, I feel this song will put an immediate smile on your face. :) Look out for my follow up single “Shine This Lifetime” coming soon! I have over nine albums, so you can easily access my albums online!

What do you feel are your strengths as an artist?

I become a powerful version of myself when I get on stage. I am definitely a stage performer and try to bring contagious joy when I perform live, whether it be belting notes or switching instruments. I love to involve the audience as well!

Where can fans access your music? has access to everything you need, including all links to socials! You can also listen to music on my


About Laura Cheadle

Laura Cheadle is a critically-acclaimed pop/soul singer-songwriter who is an Endorsed Artist for Traveler Guitar (home to such artists as Zac Brown, Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton, Shinedown’s Eric Bass, and more) and has shared the stage with such esteemed bands and performers as The Jonas Brothers, Sister Hazel, Spin Doctors, and more. Her previous records earned her critical acclaim and highly-respected awards including “Best Indie Jazz/Blues Band” at WXPN sponsored Tri-State Indie Music Awards, named the "Musician Of The Decade 2020" for Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards, selected as one of “100 Women We Love” in Go Magazine, and declared a “Super Woman” in South Jersey Magazine.

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