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Léonie Gray feat. Matthew J. Bongirono - 'Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock?'

“Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock?” is a protest song that sounds out a warning cry about nuclear war. The song draws you in with a hypnotic feel created by harmonies in the vocals, synthesizer effects, keys, synth bass, and bells. Melodic layers meld together with the beat track.

Léonie Grays perfect performance is spectacular - she delivers the song with a subdued fierceness. During the break of the song, there is a narration that speaks of a nuclear disaster. The production by BrunoB. Valleunga is genius as he combines mesmerizing beats, a contagious chorus and a show-stopping narrative section.

The question is: “Who will stop the nuclear clock,who’ll take a stand on a nuclear ban?”

The narration in the break is very clear,

“Nothing less is a recipe for disaster. No one wants war! Everyone wants peace. But time is running out!”

In World War II, the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a crucial moment in history. This destruction should remind us of the devastation that nuclear warfare can cause, but President Trump threatened North Korea with nuclear war. Though the threat was not acted on, it was a threat that could still happen under the wrong leadership.

We live in a time where fear is pushed and people are either triggered by something they read or see in the media. The writers, Bruno, Brain, and Amanda Vallelunga are genius with their lyrics, catchy beat, and pristine harmonies all used to forge an important and powerful message in “Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock?”

About Léonie Gray

Léonie Gray is an up-and-coming RnB/Soul Singer-Songwriter/Producer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Gray grew up in a very artistic and creative atmosphere. Today, she uses her songwriting to convey her emotions and discuss themes such as self-growth, mental health, relationships and feminism.

Léonie has released four self-penned and produced EPs: ‘Eliana’s Poison,’ ‘A Night at Honey's,’ ‘Growth,’ and ‘Sensitive.'

In 2018, Gray was featured on two songs written and produced by Bruno B. Vallelunga: “Who Will Stop the Nuclear Clock” and “Holiday Blues.” In 2019, the song “Holiday Blues” got Gray the 2019 Silver Medal Award by the Global Music Awards. She has also played at the world-famous Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.

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