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Kristi Jacques - 'Don't Let Go'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Kristi Jacques "Don't Let Go" comes straight out of the gate with an energizing Americana-rock sound. With a full-bodied rhythm guitar, a tight drum back beat, piano, and nuanced arpeggiated plucking, she envelopes your ears with a sound that is soulful and swaying

Kristi enters singing on the first verse,

"Sometimes the simple thing that you take for granted like your silly grins, left me so enchanted..." This song presents Kristi in an introspective and self-reflective light. Her voice is calming, displaying a certain warmth that's easy to connect to. You can hear it in every note - singing is as natural as breathing for Kristi. It feels like she's having a conversation with you.

As the song progresses, she moves on to sing longingly about "not knowing what you've got until it's gone." When it comes to relationships, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Relationships require work and nurturing to get through the hurdles. "For me, the hardest part is to keep on trying..."

The chorus of "Don't Let Go' is highly memorable, both melodically and lyrically. Easy to sing along to, there are some anthemic, classic rock elements running through it's veins that elevates the chorus. "Don't let go.

They say you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone

Reap what you sow Try to hold on

Don't let go

Don't let go" In "Don't Let Go", listeners will feel like Kristi is unveiling a story. She displays an honesty that feels cautionary, as if she is personally telling you to think twice before you lose someone and regret it. Her earnest performance really gets under your skin and makes you think. This takes true artistry.

Ending on the chorus with a bit of reverb letting the last chord hang in the air, the song stays with you even when the music is over. Kristi Jacques is an exceptional song-writer and performer who knows how to convey complex emotions with just the right words, melodies, and hooks. Give "Don't Let Go" a listen and discover why Kristi Jacque's timeless songwriting is worth holding on to.


About Kristi Jacques

Growing up in Charleston, SC, Kristi was embedded in the local music scene there, taking guitar lessons, singing on occasion, running a local music store, and working for an entertainment newspaper.

She lived and breathed music. Then life got in the way, and she let it go. Now, after a more than 25-year hiatus, Kristi decided to pick up the guitar again in 2020. She was inspired by another artist to get back to her first love, music.

Songwriting, singing, and recording is her life and her passion. he has been writing constantly and working with some amazing musicians/friends. She is very excited to be on this new path, one that brings her back to herself. For more information on Kristi, please visit her website.


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