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KatieBeth - 'All That Matters'

Review by Sylvie Marie and Victoria Scott

KatieBeth is a powerhouse singer-songwriter with an undeniable natural and raw talent. Her voice is at once both tender and powerful with a confident vibrato that cascades over the strong country-rock melody of "All That Matters."

Two guitars, one playing a smooth melody and the other, an electric guitar whaling in the background, set the stage for KatieBeth's moving vocal performance. The rhythm section sits in the pocket perfectly, as they drive the beat forward. The musicians - Ryan, Noll, Oscar, Matt Aho, Jack Kammien, Lee Turner, and Gary Banach - perform passionately.

“All That Matters” was inspired by a soldier that was welcomed home by his wife and family with a moving and warm embrace. In life, we can get caught up in work, everyday mundane activities, and forget about what is truly important. The people we love may not be around tomorrow, so we must remember to cherish their love everyday.

"In that moment, she's all that matters. Two long years of being away, Waiting to see his child play. That moment its all that matters."

Katie Beth and Gary Banach’s are enticing country-rock storytellers. They are able to take a beautiful moment and interpret it through song with a deep fervor. “All That Matters” engulfs you with joy.

"All That Matters" has a profound and loving message that is timeless. The only time is now, and the present allows us to express gratitude for today. KatieBeth’s “All That Matters” is transcendent and hits you in your heart.


About KatieBeth

Since 2004 KatieBeth has been rocking it out in WI, and TN. With a voice born in rock and roll and stained by whiskey, her powerful energy on stage and raw vocal talent is blazing a trail worldwide.

Every KatieBeth performance is like a musical autobiography of KatieBeth (the person). Her voice is a blend of rock and country. Her style pulls equally from her Wisconsin roots and her Tennessee years. Her lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, redemption, and hope. With every verse and chorus, KatieBeth unleashes the raw, uncensored emotion of someone who has learned life's lessons the hard way


But behind her amazing vocal range, and beneath her "take-me-as-I-am attitude," lies an alluring vulnerability. KatieBeth is both soft and hard. She is just as willing to love as she is to kick ass. This contrast—this paradox—is who she is. And because of this, she connects with her audience.

KatieBeth's music isn’t defined by a genre or a format. It's guts and grit. KatieBeth's music is rock that hits you in the face with heart and soul, and it has the down-to-earth story-telling sensibilities of country music. It is something different, and new. KatieBeth is in every line and in every guitar lick. Her music and the records she makes are dedicated to anyone who has a dream or wants for something more.

For more information, please visit KatieBeth's website


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