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Kathleen Healy - 'Speaking Out'

Cape Cod singer-songwriter, Kathleen Healy draws from her experience of living and raising a family near the beach. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, the sand under her feet, and the crisp ocean air, Kathleen's music stirs the soul with poignant lyrics and sparkling arrangements. When she is not at the beach, Kathleen performs in southern New England, hosts open mic nights at local venues, and supports the live music scene in her community. Her second studio album, Embracing the Journey, was released in March of 2019. Off the album, the single "Speak Out" is

'Speaking Out' commences with a delicate layering of acoustic guitar and mandolin. The guitar holds down a 6/8 arpeggio pattern while the mandolin plays melodic sparkling riffs. The contemplative vibe is mesmerizing as nice groove is created between the two instruments. The song is performed by Kathleen Healy on lead vocals and guitar, and Randy Patterson is on mandolin and lead guitar.

As the mandolin backs out, the first verse commences with Kathleen singing, "I shake my head and look away. You don’t hear a single word I say. No means no, you can’t have it your way. No is not some little game I play." Kathleen's voice has a sweet confidence as she articulates each word with courage.

As the song develops, the arrangement adds more and more color for the ear. The duo between guitar and mandolin develops with a walking bass line and the addition of piano. The guitar solo work is very tasteful. On the chorus, "Years of secrets, shame and doubt, I"m speaking out," a strong counter melody arrives to support the importance and seriousness of the lyrics. Very nice harmonies that form a rich sound on the chorus are a wonderful addition.

"Speaking Out" is a folk anthem for the "Me Too" movement. The song explores the violation of "no means no" falling upon deaf ears, of being treated like a piece of property, and the trauma of having "filthy hands upon you." It's about telling your story after years of holding in the secret, shame and doubt. The message is one of unity and finding our voices together. Kathleen delivers this message with tenderness and authenticity. The lyrics of "Speaking Out" have a straight-forward clarity that can't be denied or ignored. Against the flowing mellow acoustic track, Kathleen's direct words standout and demand our attention.

"Countless women from countless lives Girlfriends, daughters, sisters, and wives / Thought that silence was our only choice Now together, we’re finding a voice."

In "Speaking Out" Kathleen Healy delivers a song of resiliency and renewal. "Speaking Out" is a unity song written by a woman for women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Kathleen Healy's "Speaking Out" is a powerful song that stays with you long after you've heard it.


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