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Kate Magdalena - 'Take Me To Church'

Review by Abby Kenna

“Take Me To Church” by Kate Magdalena is a colorfully emotive cover of Sinead O’Conner’s 2014 anthem. Layering lilting guitars and tense snare buildups with Magdalena’s candid tone, this folk cover reveals an extra glimmer of vulnerability within an empowering song.

“Take Me To Church” launches into a lofty soundscape, the mix filled with a panoramic array of both rhythmic and flowing instruments. A driving snare drum creates an element of tension as a chorus of guitars accent each measure, building up the level of anticipation with every strum. The tasteful pedal steel guitar is played by Dan Dugmore. Kate Magdalena’s voice soars with raw emotion and determination, the clear tone piercing through sweeping guitars and climbing percussion. The fervent expression of Magdalena’s vocal presence carries the restless, probing repetition within the lyrics:

“I don't wanna love the way I loved before

I don't wanna love that way no more

What've I been writing love songs for?”

Like throwing back the curtains on a sunny morning, the chorus opens with a beam of light. You can feel the weight lift as the snares release their march and settle back into the warmth of the arrangement. Magdalena’s emotive voice adds a unique vulnerability to “Take Me to Church”, communicating the honest and empowering lyrics with authentic passion.

Although originally performed in a pop rock style, Kate Magdalena’s folk approach speaks from the heart of this song, vividly conveying the spiritual messages woven within. The moving vocalist embraces her expressive tone as she sings of the true meaning of faith: unity, connection, forgiveness.

“But not the ones that hurt

‘Cause that ain’t the truth

And that’s not what it’s worth”

Kate Magdalena’s cover of “Take Me to Church” by Sinead O’Conner is a radiant expression of faith, forgiveness, and change. The soaring arrangement of folky guitars paired with Magdalena’s rich, yet vulnerable voice creates an evocative rendition of an empowering song. Connect on Facebook Stream on Spotify Fore more information on Kate, visit her website.


About Kate Magdalena

KateMagdalena is an independent singer-songwriter out of Nashville and the San Francisco Bay Area, whose songs have been aired on country radio nationally. Most at home in folk-pop and adult contemporary, she calls her genre ‘Timely Americana’, as she is inspired to write for the particular times in which we live. Kate was selected by BWH Music (Boston) in both 2020 and 2021 as a Women to Watch: Best Female Independent Artists, and her recent album “The Water Is Wide” was awarded Best Album in Adult Contemporary genre in the 2020 W.A.M. Awards. The album, released in August 2020, contains 9 songs of water and land, including the iconic covers “Downtown” and “I Know A Heartache When I See One,” as well as several original songs crafted from well-loved poems like “The Waking,” (nominated for Best Song, Social Justice 2020 W.A.M.) “Sea Fever,” and “Cloths of Heaven.” On this album is also Magdalena’s song “Backstory” about some of what we are now living through; the song was nominated for a W.A.M. Award in the social justice category. In November of 2019, Magdalena released her second album of songs, with Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, WhiteHeart, Clay Aiken) titled “A Larger Dance” with singles – Be the Lark, New Earth, Battle Hymn, Streets of Any Town. The full album includes songs by Joan Armatrading, Leonard Cohen, Sinead O’Connor, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The title track “A Larger Dance” was chosen by BWH Music as one of the best songs of 2019. Kate’s first album “Acquainted With the Night” was released in 2018 and contains the song “United (to Save the World)” (featured in the album “Peace Street” by BWH Music. Kate released an EP for Christmas 2020 called In the Bleak Midwinter; she is now at work on her next album, “CANYONLANDS,” expected later 2021. She lives happily ever after with her husband Randall in Northern, CA and Franklin, TN.


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