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KALO - 'Eyes Wide Shut'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

Immediately, “Eyes Shut” packs a punch, the rhythmic guitars and gritty vocals driven by a bold rock-n-roll spirit. The songs starts and listeners are hit full-force with the distorted slap of an electric guitar, bristling with excitement and tension.

Colored by a slight rasp and dangerous trace of anger, the lead vocals sit at the heart of the song. KALO’s tenacious voice fuels “Eyes Shut” with rebellious energy, steeling each lyric with power. Riotous background vocals join forces with her in the chorus, echoing her battle cry with their own wild shouts. KALO’s vocal tone is laced with dauntless nerve, and behind the grit you can almost hear her cheeky smirk, infusing the words with the edge of a challenge:

“Who’s to say what is right…

Who’s to say what is wrong?”

KALO’s lyricism builds on the song’s charged tone, cleverly sharpening each word to a bitter, biting point. Reinforced by the punchy drum beat and dynamic shifts of the instrumental, the songwriting and arrangement fuse effortless to support the track’s intensity.

Overflowing with the daring sass of 90’s female icons such as Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani, KALO’s spirit is a boisterous fusion of punk and alternative. She blurs the lines of genre to make room for the passionate temper of “Eyes Shut”, allowing the song to be fully expressed without constraints. Sandwiched between thundering choruses reeking of grunge spirit, the bridge takes on a more sensual, intimate tone. Arpeggiating guitar riffs soften the grittiness of “Eyes Shut”, and KALO takes a step back into a more intimate moment before the final turbulent chorus. This variety allows the emotion in moments like the bridge to stand out, highlighting the shift in feel.

“Don’t you give in

Don't let nobody get under your skin…”

“Eyes Shut” is a fiery alternative song rich with rebellious spunk. Gritty and inflamed with fervor, KALO’s voice and lyricism perfect the wild nature of “Eyes Shut”.


About Kalo

Israeli guitarist, singer and songwriter Bat-Or Kalo fronts her eponymous band and also travels and tours the U.S. and Israel solo (wearing only her last name and her vintage Gibson electric guitar). Fiery, unbridled and electrifying, KALO’s guitar chops and contralto voice are a force like none other.

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