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Kacy Fifield - “Toxic”

Review by Dylan Lloyd & Staff

Kacy Fifield’s new song “Toxic” is an extremely danceable electropop track that combines a clear modern pop vocal sound with deep electronic instrumentation. The vocal performance is crisp, rhythmic and fresh. The instrumental production done by Nippandab elevates this song with the curation of sounds and effects that are perfectly used together on this dance/pop track. The atmospheric introduction brings the listener in and sets the sonic stage for the electronic instrumentation.

The lyrics on “Toxic” that were co-written by Kacy Fifield and her vocal coach Robbie Rosen focus on emotions that are felt when dealing with a problematic and difficult relationship. Lyric lines that speak directly about this failed relationship situation include “Lately you just blame me on the daily, swearing I’m the reason for our bitter ending” and “Oh I’ll never get your logic, You’re just toxic”. The passionate performance of the chorus vocals along with the four-on-the-floor dance beat make the listener want to join in singing right along with the lyrics on this track.

Overall, “Toxic” by Kacy Fifield would make a great addition to any modern pop, electronic, or dance hit playlist. The infectious synth bassline and the focused drum groove create a great rhythmic combination that drives the song along. Although the lyrics focus on a more serious subject, the urge to dance and sing along to this song about a toxic relationship is irresistible!

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About Kacey Fifield

Kacey Fifield is an award-winning 17-year-old singer/ songwriter from Los Angeles who has been releasing original music since she was 10! This includes “Hear Me Out”, a song about youth empowerment and kindness, whose video was selected and awarded by multiple festivals, including indie festival “Dances with Films” in Hollywood.

Her latest releases include "Bring Me Down", "Confidential", “Ghost” (with South Korean producer Little Rain) “Camouflage”, “Confused”, and "Last Breath", a duet with “American Idol” finalist and frequent collaborator Robbie Rosen. “Bring Me Down” was remixed by the chart-topping Stonebridge, and “Confidential” was remixed by Mexico’s Ricardo Padua.

Three of her releases also received remixes. “Last Breath” was reimagined by Canadian producer Lonely Kid and German producer Toniia, while “Confused” saw reworks by Ricardo as well as The Netherlands’ Bassanova and Belgium’s Aless Vanco, and “Ghost” was given Future House flavours by SoCal producer Jay Bird. Kacey's releases have now achieved over 2.8M streams across platforms. Kacey participates regularly in humanitarian issues.

Recently, Kacey took part in Students of the Year, a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, hoping to make a difference in finding a cure for cancer. She is a part of the Youth Leadership Council for Farm Sanctuary and leads a Children's Hospital Aid Club affiliated with St Jude's Hospital. She plays piano and guitar, but ultimately singing is her greatest passion.

For more information about Kacey, please visit her website.


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