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Kacey Fifield - 'Vegas'

Reviewed by Vai Thomas & Staff

When ingredients come together to form a fire kindled by theme and the lived experiences of the artist, the end result is magic. And this very fire, and so much more, are found in droves in New York based singer songwriter Kacey Fifield’s newest, titled Vegas.

Crafted in the evocative key of A minor, "Vegas" emerges as a masterpiece of melodic pop, exuding an effortless self-confidence in its lyrical narrative that brilliantly dismantles the debonair personas of playboy type characters often found in the dazzling chaos of Las Vegas. The electronic orchestration expertly complements this thematic choice, seamlessly oscillating between a laid-back, downtempo vibe and a stellar, multifaceted melodic topline. In sum, "Vegas" strikes a harmonious balance between lyrical substance and musical prowess, resulting in an irresistibly captivating pop number. The lyrics themselves have been written with raw honesty throughout, devoid of needless metaphor, and ranging from the straightforwardly objective Your stupid plans and ploys meant to make me feel so weak to the blazingly hard-hitting n Vegas, you can dream up a world of make-believe, but your ace of spades and poker face won’t change reality”. Eventually however, the onus is on the vocalist to do consummate justice to her spirited lyrics, and Fifield does not disappoint on that count, spearheading the rendition of the lyrics with a glassy timbre that comes with a precision of diction and a dynamic swagger brimming with energy and resolute calm at once. With her vocal versatility taking center stage in this two-verse-chorus-bridge composition, she effortlessly balances the intimate and anthemic aspects of the song. Whether it's her meticulous delivery of the lyrics, her graceful handling of the subtle grace notes, or her captivating performance during the chromatic bridge, she elevates the entire musical experience to a whole new level. The instrumental arrangement and synth textures work together seamlessly to elevate this track to greatness. It all begins with the captivating chords in the intro, followed by the dreamy pluck sounds that create an airy ambiance that persists throughout the song. The pick-bass sound in the low-frequency range brings all the elements together cohesively. The final chorus, featuring Fifield's harmonious backing vocals, adds the finishing touch to this enchanting, ethereal composition. Kudos to the mix engineer for achieving a breezy quality in each element, lending the track its essential dream-like characteristic. Ultimately, it's Fifield's vocals, with their calm yet fiery energy, that propel this song to its peak.

At a duration of two minutes and forty five seconds, Vegas is a winner all the way, through its self-assured nonchalance and its impersonal and inspired lyrical themes, all delivered in a manner that is at once relatable to the generic listener, while being a stellar example of how the powers of melodic pop can be best put to excellent effect.


Kacey, originally from Chicago, developed a passion for entertaining at a young age, which led her to pursue acting and singing. After her family moved to Los Angeles when she was 8, she began her acting career in 2013, featuring in short films and commercials. She appeared on Nickelodeon's "React to That" and "Game Shakers," various Dreamworks TV shows, and true crime series on Oxygen. Kacey earned nominations from the Young Artist Awards and the Young Entertainer Awards for her roles in "Clique Wars" and "Lemonade Wars" and is a regular on the YouTube channel React.

Kacey started vocal lessons at age 10 and released her debut single "When I Grow Up." With Grammy-shortlisted music producer Ricardo Padua and American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen, she's released numerous original songs, including the award-winning "Hear Me Out." Her recent popular singles include "Toxic," "Like Us," and "Ghost." Kacey received Young Entertainer Awards nominations for her music video performances and recognition at various film festivals, including Dances with Films for "Hear Me Out." With over 1,000,000 unique listeners and 3.8 million streams, Kacey connects with her audience through compelling melodies, meaningful lyrics, and catchy rhythms. For more information on Kacey, please visit her website.


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