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Josephine Relli - 'Slow Down'

Josephine Relli is a recording artist, model and actor. She released her debut album “Miscellaneous” in 2016 and has continued to churn out an eclectic array of music ever since. She attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) and has participated in high-end events with mega-brands like Macys. Onscreen, Josephine made her debut in Chloë Sevigny’s short film, “Carmen.” Currently, Josephine is writing and producing her own music where she utilizes multiple genres including hip-hop, R&B, alternative and pop. "Slow Down" off Josephine's latest duology album Slow Down/Falling is a great way to get acquainted her undeniable talent.

"Slow Down" crosses pop and R & B and will captivate fans of both genres. The song opens with flowing reverberated arpeggio's on electric guitar against a backdrop of ambient synth sounds. The legato synth, playing singular lines that almost sound like a background vocal, provides a nice contrast to the electric guitar.

A drop of the beat and deep sub base introduce Josephine's vocals. Here, the track picks up with a laid-back groove. Josephine enters singing, "To be honest we're quite honest / And that's a change for you / And it's a change for me." Josephine's vocals are forward in the mix with a pristine and polished tone, and an expressive timbre, that's radio-ready.

As the track builds to the chorus, a pre-chorus section adds richer chords and fills the space. The build-up allows Josephine to raise her vocal dynamics and intensity. "Boy, you got a way with words / I got feelings 'till the feelings hurt / Boy, you got a way with words / And I got, and I got, and I got." A clapping beat commences and the song fully blooms with a catchy chorus and infectious groove. The song ends with a stripped down piano chords as Josephine sings her last line, "Baby there's no point in slowing down."

Written and performed by Josephine Relli and produced by Pacific, "Slow Down" is about achieving intimacy (honesty) in a relationship and the safe bond, both emotional and physical, that mutual honesty creates. It's about being in a good place and the desire to keep it going and to move forward.

Josephine Relli's song "Slow Down" is an engaging pop/R & B song with excellent vocals, a well-conceived arrangement, and a great performance. The hook is highly memorable and the lyrics are super refreshing. With a positive take on a healthy relationship, "Slow Down" is a welcome change in the flooded sad love song pop market. With songs like "Slow Down" Josephine won't be slowing down anytime soon - she is on a fast-track in the pop music scene.

Check out Josephine's video Teaser of her other song "Falling" also from the duology Slow Down/Falling.

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