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John McKivergan - ' Why Can’t You See'

Reviewed by Vai ThomasIn

In today's politically charged climate, debating and expressing oneself respectfully have become increasingly necessary. Music, as always, plays a crucial role in this regard. However, it is important not to come across as preachy or sanctimonious, especially when addressing sensitive issues. The listener must be in the right mindset to accept or even consider differing views. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the songwriter-arranger to create an arrangement that intrigues rather than provokes. Moreover, creativity is paramount. In his song 'Why Can't You See', John McKivergan effortlessly embraces this responsibility, utilizing the hypnotic aspects of music to convey the theme in a remarkably palatable manner.

Themed around the highly controversial issue of Roe vs. Wade, which unfolded in America last year and continues to be debated, 'Why Can't You See' makes a heartfelt addition to the alternative and rock genres. The song is skillfully written and arranged in B flat major, effectively presenting both sides of the issue through the female and male vocalists, each in a distinct yet related key. The contrast in vocal timbre, emotions depicted, and key modulation are seamlessly blended with sincere and well-mixed lyrics. McKivergan successfully avoids the pitfall of coming across as preachy, a mistake even accomplished musicians can make.

The lyrics themselves delicately handle the issue while remaining rational, effectively presenting both sides of the emotional argument. The instrumentation and performance are superbly arranged to tackle a significant issue without trivializing it or becoming overtly dehumanizing. These are delicate lines to navigate, and McKivergan does so masterfully. From the choice of tempo and key to the acoustic guitar solo in the latter half, the electric power chords, and the simplicity and relatability of the melody, all the key elements harmonize brilliantly. Creativity shines throughout the song.

Particular commendation should be given to the interwoven 'Why Can't You See' in the final chorus, which achieves a counterpointish and anthemic effect. Importantly, the song does not impose a conclusion on the listener, despite being about a specific debate. It encourages listeners to arrive at their own conclusions after hearing both sides. This thought-provoking aspect left a lasting impression after listening to the final chorus.

With a duration of three minutes and twenty-eight seconds, 'Why Can't You See' serves as a stellar example of how creativity can make a significant impact in a social context. It showcases how to approach and view an issue with masterful order amidst the chaos, without sounding excessively 'woke.' John McKivergan has done a magnificent job crafting this number, striking a perfect balance between heartfelt simplicity and creative vibrancy.


About John McKivergen: John McKivergan is an esteemed songwriter known for his Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian music. Collaborating with talented musicians, vocalists, and producers, John brings his heartfelt and faith-filled lyrics to life. His compositions are published and distributed on various music platforms, internet radio, and social media.


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