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Joe Thompson - 'Fact Or Fiction'FACT OR FICTION

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Fact or Fiction” is an intensely inspirational piece of music. The incredibly funky groove on this track lends an infectious energy to a serious topic. he vocal performance is phenomenal, and the band is absolutely killing. The intricate horn arrangements will slay listeners, while an uplifting hip hop verse and an overall buoyant groove keeps the energy levels high. This music utilizes timeless musical architecture to address an important modern moment.

Lyrically, “Fact of Fiction” supports the Black Lives Matter movement and puts a valuable message on a soapbox. “Where is justice yeah we need it back, strength and unity that what we need to have.” The galvanizing and important lyrics are inspiring and add a layer of depth to the music. “Fact or fiction…we need to put our words into action, Fiction or fact, we need to act, no we can’t hold back.” These uplifting lyrics are delivered with passion and conviction. Listeners will fall in love with this song.

The arrangement of “Fact of Fiction” is designed to keep bodies moving and minds active. The lyrics will make you think while the music will make you move. Dynamic peaks and valleys are masterfully achieved by a steamroller of a band. The track begins with manipulated audio of a Donald Trump speech and ends with a police siren to bookend the listener’s experience and keep them rooted in the musical message. All players are right in the pocket, with great Tenor, Keys and Bass solos being featured alongside a phenomenal rhythm section and star-powered vocals. “Fact or Fiction” is a stunning work of art.


About Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson is a physician by day and a sax player by night. He graduated from the University Of Tennessee where he was able to take music classes and play in the UT Jazz Ensemble while majoring in premed.

Joe has played extensively in the Knoxville area and has also played all over the Southeast as part of Dave Landeo band; who lives in Charleston, South Carolina


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