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Jo Oliver - 'Isolation Has No Good Vibration'

Nico Low

Jo Oliver's "Isolation Has No Good Vibration" perfectly blends the groove of funk and the power of rock. I found myself jamming to this piece the whole way through. The rock guitar drives the song while the e-pianos fill out the rhythm and keep me on my feet the entire time. The arrangement is primarily loop-based, building complexity in the changes in performance between parts of the song. The guitars take a lot of great fills that add a bit of edge and spice to each section. The layers of rhythmic instruments nail home an expert expression of funk. The vocal arrangement adds harmonic depth to the piece, accenting the tension of the chord progression.

The titular looped lyric "Isolation has no good vibration" is an incredibly catchy hook. Its performance in each new section keeps it fresh and exciting. It feels like a throwback to the tremendous funk-rock tunes throughout history. The vocal performance had so much heart and my whole body moving.

If you want a tune to dance to, Isolation Has No Good Vibration is the song for you. The production is top-notch, with powerful guitar sounds, strong drum groove, and funky clav sounds. The music is powerful, with bombastic guitar, a great lead vocal, and catchy hooks. "Isolation Has No Good Vibration" will have you jamming all day and night!


About Jo Oliver

Jo Oliver has been making a living from music in the broadest sense for many years. He studied guitar, played in many bands/projects and gave guitar lessons, made jingle productions & wrote editorial articles for music magazines, and made his living in this way in the earlier days. For many years he wrote, composed, arranged, and produced songs for various artists and contributed to many music productions as a songwriter, studio musician, arranger, and music producer with some chart placements.

During these many years of his professional music independency, there were several co-operations and publications with other artists, publishing houses, and labels. For example, he played guitar in the band of Keith Tynes / former Platters, wrote songs with Richard Palmer-James / former Supertramp, and published songs for film music at "crucial publishing" / USA.

Before, he worked as a live & studio musician and music producer in Germany (where he comes from), while nowadays, he primarily writes music textbooks and publishes his works as an independent music publisher. Today he is primarily a self-marketing musician. While his musical work took place in the last years in the background, he is now breaking entirely new ground as an artist performing his songs!

Since the sound of the language is of immense importance to him (he was strongly influenced by English & American music in his younger days), he is singing in the English language even if he has to face the challenge as a lyricist every now and then.


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